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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

It’s fall so it’s time to break out your sweaters and scarves! Fall fashion has been a fashion has been around forever of course, but it has only been a part of culture for the last decade or so. From burnt oranges and plum purple color schemes, to patchwork, it seems that time and time again people always keep fall fashion creative and fun! Throughout the decades it has always seemed to show itself. 

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In the 40’s, as you can see from the picture, women wore long patchwork skirts and matching shirts. Along with this, they had coats that added a pop of color, and mittens. For hair, popular hairstyles included curling your hair and/or pinning it back with accessories. 

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Similar to the 40’s, big skirts were still a part of fall fashion with dark colors and long skirts. Another similarity is that women still wore hose and black heels at this time. I love how in the picture above, she has her black shall and matched it with wedges for a fun twist.

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As we moved into the 60’s, more bright colors and patchwork patterns became more frequent. Greens, browns, reds, and oranges were still in the color scheme. For hair, styles became more unique as we started to see more bobs, beehives, and just short hair overall. As you can see from the picture above, accessories at this time include bracelets and gloves. 

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In the 70’s, oranges and browns were very very popular for fall fashion. Both bright and dark orange were popular colors in the 70’s already, but I feel that with fall fashion, it really had a peaking. For shoes, flats and shoes with short heels were popular for feet. Hair was one either with accessories or down.

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While the “working girl” aesthetic was in full swing in the 80’s, I feel that it also worked for fall throughout the 80’s. With turtle necks, vests, and blazers, it really “hit two birds with one stone” because it could work for both aesthetics. 

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In the 90’s, black and whites became the main colors for fall. I specifically say whites because there were also many cream colors that would be matched with black. Other accessories included lots of denim, especially with denim jackets. 

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Even in the 2000’s, brown was a popular color for all, as you can see with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Fur, big coats, and leather were popular statements for fall. I love how in the picture above, Britney pairs her outfit with suede boots, making the ultimate outfit for fall. 

From the 40’s through y2k, and even till now, fashion around the fall time has been a time for trends that even last till now. With patchwork, browns, and black, these colors and patterns have been around forever now and aren’t going away. Who knows what this decade will bring for fall fashion, and who knows who will be looking back at it 80 years from now? 

Lily de Rooij is a senior this year at Lynn University. She love the connections and memories she has been able to make throughout the years here at HC. Her favorite part about being on the team, is coming up with new social media ideas and posts.