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Do you like adrenaline? Have you thought about ever doing any extreme sports? I have always been struck by extreme sports. I do believe safety rules should be followed and precaution just to be safe. I feel that extreme sports are worth the experience. 

Highlining is a slackline discipline at amazing heights. The highline is secured by a harness attached to the main slackline and to a lifeline (the backup). The mindset is key for this extreme sport and it’s even more important than the physical ability. 

Skydiving is the extreme sport of jumping from an airplane with a parachute and free-falling in the air until the parachute is opened. (List of 41 Extreme Sports | Intense to Insane Sports, 2017b)

Scuba diving is underwater diving with breathing equipment. It’s an amazing opportunity to explore the marine environment. 

Bungy jumping is the extreme sport of jumping from a great height connected to an elastic cord. 

Parasailing is the extreme sport of being pulled behind a boat while they are attached to a parachute. This is a sport I have done in Long Beach Island and I love the view from the great height as well as how refreshing it is when the parachute descends and you get splashed by the water in the ocean and you are close enough to see some fish inside the water. Parkour is the practice of traveling across obstacles in the natural environment or the man-made environment by jumping, running, climbing or, other physical movements.

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Paula is a sophomore. Her major is social entrepreneurship.