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Video games can cause frustration in many relationships, but with good communication and healthy conversations it will get better. Lingering irritation will only get worse without speaking up. Sometimes you have to say things in a different light with your partner.

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Video games can seem never ending when your significant other has been playing for hours. They are time consuming and frustrating to be around when in a relationship. Sometimes you may not know how to approach your partner in a way that won’t frustrate them or sound forceful. 

Here are three pieces of advice on how to have a successful conversation about video games being time consuming. 

  1. If you are planning on having an effective conversation with your boyfriend/girlfriend make sure to catch them at the right time, as well as yourself because a good conversation will not happen when both people are not in a good mood. 
  2. It can be easy to blame a person when they are in the wrong, but doing this will only make your partner defensive, so use “I feel”. For example instead of saying “you are playing too video games too much its taking away from our time and it is rude.” You should say, "I feel upset a times because you play video games a lot, can you try and cut down on the time?"
  3. Make set plans so there is no way your partner can play for hours on end. 

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Frustration while gaming can have an affect on your boyfriend/girlfriend, which then can affect you in return.  

Here are three ways to change the frustration. 

  1. People are not always aware of their actions at all time, kindly telling your partner that they seem to act a little rude after they play video games is okay, if they take that offensively then that is how they choose to act. 
  2. Do something special for your partner, such as making their favorite dinner. People's moods change fast, especially when there is something to smile about.
  3. Notify your partner to be mindful of their frustration and attitude so they truly know how it makes you feel. 

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It may seem like your boyfriend/girlfriend is always looking forward to playing more than they should be and they rather play then be around you.

Here are three pieces of advice:

  1. Set days of the week and times that will not be interrupted with gaming.
  2. It is okay for your partner to take a break from gaming, so encourage them to do so. 
  3. Sometimes guilt changes peoples ways, with enough conversations your partner may start to pick up on your true feeling towards their gaming. 

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This can all be hard to have in a relationship, but with effective communication and honesty with your partner gaming will not have a negative effect on your relationship. 

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Ava Margolis is from Central New Jersey, studying Multi-Media Journalism. She enjoys interacting with others and hopes to work in the communications field one day as a writer or broadcast. Margolis is an outgoing, compassionate, and adventurous person who loves sharing her passions with others.
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