Easy Ways to Limit Your Waste at Disney

When it comes to sustainability and limiting our waste it’s hard to place a theme park as being somewhere that is possible. Actually, it is totally possible to limit your waste at a theme park. Sustainability, ways to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics, and reducing your carbon footprint are all possible to achieve at Disney with a little preparation.  

  1. 1. Use The App

    The My Disney Experience app gives you all of the information you need but it also is a way better and smarter alternative to using the paper maps at the park. They can get easily lost or left behind and you will just end up getting multiples. Being able to have the map on your phone allows more convenience. 

    Another option that is now online is fast passes. How they used to work is you would scan each park ticket for each fast pass ticket you needed. On the ticket would be a return time for when your fast pass is valid. These cards would not get reused, but now the whole fast pass system is online and now makes it possible to make a fast pass from right from your phone. 

  2. 2. Replace Single-use Plastics

    Reducing our use of single-use plastic products is on the easier and more doable side of limiting waste. In the middle of 2019, Disney completely shifted from plastic straws and stirrers to paper property wide. Personally, I do not like using paper straws so I always bring my own metal ones, and of course they have their own bag. But if you don’t like metal straws, Amazon has tons of different options for reusable straws. 

    Another easy way is to buy a set of travel utensils on Amazon as well. They come in different cases and a majority of them come with straws as well. Another super easy way is to bring your own water bottle that can be refilled. 

  3. 3. Take Alternative Transportation

    I personally believe Disney is one of the easiest places to get around. There are tons of different transportation options that offer so many different experiences. The transportation they offer are bus, monorail, boats, mini vans, and the newest addition: the Skyliner.

    The buses go all over Disney property and have a wait time in between each bus at around 15-20 minutes.

    The monorail is one of the oldest means of transportation on property. However, it can only be taken to and from the Ticket and Transportation Center, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. Disney also has multiple boats that can be taken to hotels and parks. The newest and most exciting way to get around in Disney is the Disney Skeyliner. It can be taken from Epcot International Gateway, Riviera, Caribbean Beach, and Disney’s Art of Animation and Pop Century. 

When it comes to sustainability it’s about what you do to make a difference and help our planet. It’s very easy to make excuses to not limit daily waste especially on vacation at places like Disney. But we have to remember that there are always small ways to make a big change.