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As we move closer to Halloween, it's only fair to start celebrating with treats, parties, and fun. One way we can be doing this is by decorating our dorm rooms. This is a lot of fun for people because there are tons and tons of ways you could be doing this. Some people theme their rooms after famous Halloween movies, or just typical decorations. But what if you don't have a lot of time or money to put into this? This year, I decided to decorate my door with tons of stickers and props! I still was able to make it simple but keep it fun! 

First, head down to your local party supply store. For me, this was either Party City or Spirit Halloween. I decided to go to Party City because I know they have a lot of fun and easy decor for a cheap price. Most of the halloween stuff was separated by costumes, candy, and decor. In the decor section, the props were separated by fun and silly characters, then the more grotesque and scary ones. I wanted a mix of both so I bought a ghost that you can hang on your door. I thought this was very easy and clever because even if you don't want to buy a lot but still want to be in the spooky-spirit, this can do. I then found a foam ghost that is meant to be put in the yard. I decided to set it up next to my door. Altogether it came to be five dollars. This is how you can keep it fun, cheap, and easy. 

However, if you want to add a little more, you can always add stickers to put on your door like I did. The stickers said words like "Beware!" and "Enter if you dare!". These were easy to stick on my door as well. Like previously mentioned, this was another easy way to keep the fun alive with limited props. This is also a good idea because they are reusable and you can just peel them off when you are finished using them. 

There are plenty of different ways you can decorate your dorm door for Halloween. Whether you want a more creepy or silly look to your room, finding things like these at your local party store and really gives you a "bang for your buck" with cheap prices! I hope you felt inspired and go out and decorate YOUR room too!

My name is Lily de Rooij! I joined Her Campus at Lynn because I love being a part of the community and being a part of something people can relate to!
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