Best Holiday Movies

December brings the most magical time of the year, the holidays! It is that time of year to gather with your family and friends, do a movie night, and eat lots of good food. Whether you are alone or spending time with the people you love, there are many festive movies that will set your spirits high this season. Here is a list of the best holiday movies I have ever watched:

  1. 1. Home Alone (1990)

    The parents of Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) frantically leave their house to go to the airport for Christmas vacation and do not realize they forgot their son at home until after take off. The son, Kevin, thinks that his Christmas wish of having no family anymore had finally come true. Throughout the movie, the little boy faces many adventures and challenges, including protecting their home from potential robbers! 

  2. 2. Love Actually (2003)

    This romance comedy tells nine different love stories around Christmas time. Love Actually, shows how different social classes, lifestyles, obstacles, and opportunities have one thing in common, love. The movie brings a feeling of belongingness and uniquenesses when the characters show us different ways to experience the emotion of love.

  3. 3. The Princess Switch (2018)

    Twins sisters are separated and live very different lives from each other. One sister is a baker who lives in Chicago and is looking to participate in a baking competition. The other sister is a duchess who is destined to marry a powerful man. After the sisters meet and see all their similar physical apparences they decide to switch places to live the other’s life.

  4. 4. How Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) 

    Grinch is known for hating Christmas. In this live-action movie he decides to ruin Christmas Day by getting out of his house, going to the city and changing everything related to Christmas. It is a classic for Christmas and brings even more value to the holiday!

  5. 5. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

    In this romance, a worker named, Lucy (Sandra Bullock), meets her major crush again and helps him get out of the train tracks. He goes to the hospital and when she arrives, his family mistakenly believes she is his fiancée. 

  6. 6. The Christmas Chronicles (2018) 

    Two siblings decide to set up a trap for Santa Claus on Christmas. However it does not work out and the children end up helping the elves deliver all the presents and the Christmas spirit to the world. Besides the magical spirit this movie holds, something else unique about it is, you do not know if the kids are imagining the events or not. The Christmas spirit changed the children’s personalities and relationships for the better.

  7. 7. Christmas Inheritance (2017)

    A very spoiled girl named, Ellen, must go to Snow Falls to deliver a Christmas card for her father. However, she faces many adventures and challenges along the way. In the end, she changes for the better with the help of all the Christmas spirit along the way. 

  8. 8. Let It Snow (2019)

    After a snowstorm on a small countryside city, high school students find themselves trapped with each other for the Christmas season. They become closer and build relationships that last forever which changes their meaning of Christmas.

  9. 9. Last Christmas (2019)

    A young woman named, Kate (Emilia Clarke), finds herself frustrated working as an elf in a Christmas store. She meets an exciting man, and he relates to the Christmas season where everything seems to be perfect. Will her romance have a perfect ending? Warning: you may cry!

  10. 10. Elf (2003)

    After Buddy (Will Ferrell) is accidentally taken to the North Pole and raised by Santa’s elves he one day decides to go to New York City to search for his real family. When he meets his true father, a very serious businessman, they start a very different relationship with funny events along the way.

I hope you enjoy these movies and have a Merry Christmas! 🎄🎁