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A Self-Care Guide to Avoid Procrastination, From a Procrastinator Herself

Do you procrastinate? 

Do you wait till the last minute to complete an assignment that is due within an hour? Do you promise to do a task well before the due date and break the promise to yourself? Are you tired of having the crazy heart-beating feeling while rushing to hand in an assignment with one minute to spare? 

If you can relate to any questions above, then this article is for you. Learn great tips and tricks to help with procrastination from someone who often struggles herself but has learned many ways to improve.  

Start Your Assignment Ahead of Time  

If you have an assignment that can be quickly finished the day it is due, I recommend starting it two hours before the original time you were going to start it, so you have an hour to get distracted. Some may see this as strange, but everybody struggles with distractions, and sometimes giving in to your distractions while managing time correctly will not harm you. I have learned it is okay to take breaks and look at my phone or get a snack, as long as I have the time to do so.  

If you do not have the time for distractions, then no problem. Your phone is a huge issue as most people have it by their side at all times. Please turn your phone off and put it in another room until you are done with your assignment. Have snacks beside you so you can easily throw a chip in your mouth while working. Get into comfortable clothes and work at the place that you feel most comfortable doing so.  

Give Yourself a Reward When You Submit Your Assignment  

Working hours on a paper or quiz is not easy work. Having something to look forward to when you finish can be great motivation to complete your job promptly.  

What can be your rewards? Make a plan with a friend at a particular time and get your work done before then. Get a special treat like ice cream or order dinner on the DoorDash app and enjoy a movie night in. Plan ahead!  

Not Everything Always Has to Be Completed All at Once 

Even with time for distractions and rewards, some people do not have the attention span to complete a large portion of an assignment in that way. It would help if you made a schedule so you are on top of your work. Start your project the day it is assigned and plan out two hours each day to complete it. Two hours can be split throughout the day. Thirty minutes in the morning, thirty minutes during a break, thirty minutes before dinner, and thirty minutes in the evening. There is always time to do homework; sometimes, you just have to find the time. Finding the time is not as hard as you may think. Take a quicker shower, give up TV time for a night, or wake up a tad earlier to make time.   

You may be wondering: where do I make a schedule? I have found that simply setting alarms with titles on them saying paper at a particular time works best. I have tried everything, and using my iPhone’s clock app alarms is the best. It is nice to have a planner and an app with a whole plan, but let’s be honest, most of the time, that lasts for a month. Keep it as simple as possible for excellent results.   

Make Sure You Have The Proper Devices to Help Make Your Work The Best It Can Be  

I had found myself struggling to do work when I only had an iPad. You want to set yourself up for success, so if an iPad cannot work with a specific assignment, here are some tips for you.   

Take advantage of your school’s electronics. Use computers at your college; there are hundreds of devices for students to study, work on papers, or do any assignment with. If you do not have access to school devices don’t fret. Go to your nearest library. You can use the printer and computer there as well as books to help you in research. If you have the means, think about investing in a new device that will suit you well and has the capabilities for the work in your major. There is always a solution. 

Find The Joys

Sometimes work is boring and you do not have any desire to do it. This feeling is widespread but can be easily changed. A paper on a topic you are not interested in sucks, but thankfully you have the internet to get inspiration, and maybe you will look at your case in a different light. Grammarly is a fantastic app or website that you can copy and paste your papers into, and it corrects your grammar; please try it! 

When you get a good grade, your motivation is likely to be higher. Strive for that grade you desire and achieve it.  

There is no one final answer to beat  procrastination. Everyone deals with their time and struggles differently, and everyone has room for improvement. Enabling your distractions without letting them take over can help for some, and for others spreading out the times you work can help. To make progress on procrastination struggles effort is not only encouraged, but needed. If you do not fix your procrastination issues or own up to them, you will struggle. Put the effort in, and the outcome will be successful after some time. Care for yourself by choosing to end procrastination, you will feel happier, less stressed and ultimately more productive.  

Ava Margolis is from Central New Jersey, studying Multi-Media Journalism. She enjoys interacting with others and hopes to work in the communications field one day as a writer or broadcast. Margolis is an outgoing, compassionate, and adventurous person who loves sharing her passions with others.
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