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It is that time of the year where high school seniors are completing college applications for their dream universities. Many students are iffy or do not understand why having a higher education can be important. Yes, you are going to classes that teach you what you will need in your career, but college classes also teaches life skills in which you will carry through college and life. Here are five skills that you gain in college. 

1. Creating Professional Relationships

Having relationships outside of your friend group is good, because it gives you the chance to work with individuals who have almost the same goals and aspirations in life as you. It is a good trait to have, especially after when you’re working at a company. Joining clubs that are specific to your major, work with graduate students on their projects (thesis or experiment), and just giving a warm smile and a hello to your classmates are ways you can start. You don’t have to be friends with everyone that you see, that is not what I’m saying. Knowing their names, their strengths, and what field they want to get into will suffice. Once you graduate try to stay in contact, because who knows maybe you will work with them in the future.

2. Getting Along with People Who You Do Not Like

Yes, this is a hard one. In this world you will not like everyone and not everyone is going to like you, and that is okay. When in college you will be randomly placed into groups to do projects, and the same thing will happen in the workplace. There is sometimes one person who does not pull their weight in the project. That is okay, because the professor most of the time grades the student, not the overall group work. But that does not mean that the same thing is going to happen when you’re working. Sometimes you must swallow your pride and get the job done, even though it is hard.

3. Time Management   

This is more common-sense. Before entering college most high schools’ students know they will be receiving a bigger workload than they did in high school. Hence why they start before college. There are many articles and videos that help students plan their day and study schedules. But you should find a schedule that works for you because not all college students work or have six classes per semester, every one works differently. Having this trait can be beneficial in your everyday life whether it be for work, school, or personal. It shows that you do not have all the time in the world, and that you should prioritize things that matter most to you.

4. Being Creative

You become more creative with your time, money, skills, and decisions. Being creative gives you an advantage to advance in your career, especially when you have to make tough decisions. If you do not feel comfortable in your current job, then you must be willing to believe that there are companies out there that will give you the comfort you seek. This is just an example to an array of decisions that you will be faced with. Having some sort of creativity in your life, you will be able to have the control and confidence that many do not have. Not only that, you can use that creativity to follow different career options, you do not only need to stick to one. Having a larger array for your career can give you a sense of peace that you can wake up everyday doing a job you love.

5. Independence

Whether you live at home or have your own place, when you go to college you get a sense of independence. You choose your classes, how you spend your time, try new things, and meet new people. You are young. Make mistakes and learn from them. Everyone becomes an adult at some point but keeping the sense of adventure and curiosity is something good to have. Being independent is not knowing everything or being a responsible adult but making hard decisions and caring for yourself and those you love.  

College classes teach you what you need to know in your work life, but college teaches you traits that are good to have in everyday life. Yes, you can learn that in the real-world. But it is easier to learn it in a place where you are not scared or uncomfortable. If you are unsure on what college can give you, it can give you so much more than a degree.

Alyna is Junior/Senior at Lynn University. She is studying International Business Management. She loves to use her creativity, ever since High school she has been bringing her creativity to life. Being healthy, be kind to others, and working on herself is one of the biggest values that Alyna has.
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