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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lynn chapter.

When you hear the word “annotating” it can sound pretty intimidating, please do not let this scare you off. It can be a fun and unique way to show off your creative side while you are reading. While annotating you can discuss the individual characters and who they remind you of, your favorite parts as well as your least favorite parts, and memorable things from your favorite stories. The term “annotation” can seem scary because many people do not know where to start. The best way I can recommend is getting the proper tools to start you on your annotation journey. 


Highlighters are a pretty and colorful way to enhance your notes. Highlighters are best used for highlighting specific lines, character names, or specific words you like to look out for. Some people prefer to use other forms of annotation because they fear the highlighters will bleed through the pages. However, there is no need to fear if you want to use highlighters. There are no-bleed highlighters on Amazon that work perfectly that will not ruin your favorite stories!


Pens and pencils are some of the easiest and most convenient ways of annotating your book. Pens and pencils can be found almost anywhere and everywhere. You are able to underline, cross out, circle, or write little notes in the pages with pens and pencils. Some people even draw little cartoons or drawings they associate with that specific part of the story. These are some of the most fun and unique things you’re able to do with some of the most simple writing utensils. 

Post-it note 

Post-it notes are a great way to remember details or to point things out in a story if you are looking for a less permanent way to annotate your book. With post it notes are able to organize it based on color to make it easier to find your way back to specific developments for characters, depressing scenes, or your favorite parts. There are also translucent sticky notes and full pages for people who want to write along the entire page however they do not want to completely cover the book with their thoughts. 


Stickers are a very fun way to spice your book up. Stickers are one of the least common ways people will annotate their books. There are millions of different types of stickers to perfectly match the story you are reading, the character you love, or the story you are trying to portray through your creative side. Stickers are also a fun thing to look back on and see what you associated the book and story with a month or even a year later when you look back. 

Annotating your book is such a fun way to get you excited to read more. It also gives you another creative path you can take to express your inner thoughts if you have no one to discuss the book with. If you do not already annotate your books already this is your sign to start. 

Kelly is a senior at Lynn University. She is currently studying Psychology in hopes of becoming a therapist. Kelly spends most of her time at the beach or listening to music. She loves helping people and learning new things everyday!