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If you haven’t already heard, Glass Animals was just nominated for a Grammy…for best new artist. Maybe you haven’t heard of the British indie rock band until this summer when every radio station blasted “Heat Waves” on repeat, or maybe this article is your first introduction to Glass Animals (what an honor that would be). But I must assure you, as an avid fan, this is not some underground band. They’ve been around since 2013(ish)…and I know almost every angsty teen around 2016 has the same shared experience of listening to “Gooey” when it first came out and thinking “this really is good.”  

Reflecting on my own teen years, I recently learned that my best friend from high school was as much of a closeted Glass Animals fan as I was at the same time. Teenage angst and Glass Animals, I know we’re not the only ones. This is why I don’t know how to feel about their nomination for a best new artist—they’ve been with me since 2016 when the guy I liked sent me a Spotify link to “Toes.”   

Their lead singer, Dave Bayley, has written and produced music for artists like Joey Bada$$, Khalid and Flume and the band has appeared on late-night shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live! But Glass Animals hasn’t really been on US charts until “Heat Waves,” despite having such a decent-sized fan base and being in the business for about a decade. Heat Waves reached one billion streams by September 2021 and has received a “double platinum status.”  

As taken aback that I and other fans are by the Grammy nomination for best new artist, I’m glad Glass Animals is finally getting the recognition they deserve. So if you’re a newfound Glass Animals fan or are looking to discover some new (to you) music, here are my top picks to serve as your starter pack. 

Off their ‘ZABA’ album: 

  • Black Mambo 
  • Toes 
  • Gooey 

Off their ‘How To Be A Human Being’ album: 

  • Youth 
  • Season 2 Episode 3 
  • Poplar St 

Off their ‘Dreamland’ album: 

  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast 
  • Tokyo Drifting 
  • Melon and the Coconut 

And be sure to check out their most recent release “I Don’t Want to Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)!”  

You can view a playlist with all the songs mentioned (and more!) below

Now while you’re educating yourself, I’ll be scouting tickets to their Washington D.C. Dreamland tour show coming up in March! 

Nicole is a senior at Loyola University Maryland studying political science and communications. When she's not studying, she's probably planning her next radio show with WLOY Loyola Radio, hitting the gym or going on an adventure somewhere in Baltimore with her friends!