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Welcome back to Her Campus at Loyola University Maryland: A Letter from the Editor.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Welcome back, greyhounds! I wanted to take a sec and introduce Her Campus at LUM, our team, and what we are looking forward to for this year!

First off, introductions

My name is Elena and I will be the Editor In Chief for fall 2023. I am a senior global studies and communications major specializing in advertising and public relations. I previously served as the editor-in-chief during my sophomore year, and after a year abroad in Leuven, Belgium, I’m glad to be back! This will also be my last semester here as I am graduating in January, but don’t worry because our fabulously talented writer and assistant editor, Rory Durso, will take over in the spring!

Also on our team, we have our wonderful co-presidents Nicole Bacallao and Nicole Westwood, who lead everything that our chapter does outside of the magazine (events, social media, marketing, campus partnerships, etc.), and our social media and events directors, Elizabeth Mezzina and Marie Bosslet! Our leadership team, all seniors who have been with HC at LUM since day one, are all such strong and bright women who make this chapter what it is—so virtual applause to all of them.

About Our Chapter

Her Campus has become so special to me and has completely blossomed. Our chapter is relatively new. We started in the fall of 2020, back on Zoom during the height of the pandemic, and it has been such an honor and joy to watch the chapter evolve into what it is today. We are for women by women, and every meeting, article, social media post, and event reflects that mission. Over the past four years, our chapter has grown into one of Loyola’s leading campus publications and organizations.

We have a lot to look forward to this semester and this year as a whole. From daily articles from our incredible team of writers to growing our social media presence on Tiktok and Instagram to a whole slew of campus events, it is going to be a great time and no matter if you are part of HC at LUM or not, you are always welcome here. As one of the original members and the second editor-in-chief, Her Campus at LUM has become my baby, and I can’t wait to watch it grow and evolve even more.

Let’s have some fun this semester, hounds!


Elena Johnston is the Editor in Chief for Her Campus at LUM. She is a senior Global Studies and Communications double major with a focus in PR at Loyola University Maryland. She is also the Communications Pathways Intern at the US Agency for International Development Bureau of Europe and Eurasia. You can usually find her in a bookstore or library listening to Taylor Swift.