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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

For us college students who are involved in a variety of clubs and sports, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with our studies at times; rushing to get that quick study session before the big test. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you create and find better habits for studying and earning the grades you deserve.   

Try Some Productivity Apps

Productivity apps provide aid for those who struggle to get through their work without interference. Out of the many apps known, two free productivity apps, Flow and Plantie are perfect for those who need a little extra assistance. The apps provide a work environment that helps with concentrating on a task by improving focus and managing interruptions; perfect for studying. The apps are timers, based on the famous Pomodoro technique, and are great for those who seek a little more help with their productivity. 

Utilize Work or Do Not Disturb Mode 

By activating your work or do not disturb modes on your devices, you will limit notifications and not face many distractions from your electronics. You can set them up to fit your specific needs in your phone settings. You can also check out this guide for some more tips on how to get the most out of the setting.

Learn What Works for You 

Knowing what works best for you is crucial to your study sessions. If you don’t have a clear and set study strategy, ask yourself the following questions and figure out what is right for you. 

  • What environment works best for me? 
  • Is it my dorm, bedroom, the library, or a quiet area outside? 
  • Do I prefer working by myself or with others? 
  • Is background music or a podcast a necessity? 

Make time to study

Studying the material for a test may take days to acquire. Make sure to have an exact study time each day over a length of time and dedicate the necessary amount of time to your studying consistently. Consistency is key! 

The tips provided in this article are great first steps in bettering your study sessions as you find what works best while not being distracted by notifications and or others around you. If you need more support, reach out to campus resources like The Study or the Loyola Notre Dame Library!

Hello everyone, my name is Veronica, and I am a student at Loyola University Maryland. I am currently majoring in Political Science but plan to double major in Political Science and Writing and minor in Music Performance. I enjoy writing short stories and poems on my own and have been eager to join an organization that offers the opportunity of publishing literary work.