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Three Life Lessons I’m Taking Into Senior Year 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

While I’ve successfully been able to avoid the “S” word throughout my three years of college, I finally must face the scary phrase without fear – senior year.  

I’ve always thought the phrase “time flies” was cliché, but after experiencing my last few years of college in what feels like a blurred whirlwind, I truly understand just how fast time does move. The stress of applying to graduate, finishing courses, and hunting for post-grad plans has been weighing on my mind since the very first day of school this year. However, despite all the uncertainty of the future ahead of me, I am learning to take each day at a time and enjoy my last few months as an undergraduate college student. Throughout this mindset, I have also gained a deeper appreciation for the little moments I would have otherwise taken for granted. For those in a similar situation as mine, or those who are nervous about their final year of school, here are three life lessons I’m taking into senior year to make it the best yet! 

Don’t take moments for granted. 

While mini moments with my friends in college may seem small or insignificant, those tiny details will be some of the memories that mean the most to me! Silly trips off-campus or getting dinner together are equally as important as the other big events I may attend this year and are always the ones I end up having the most fun at. My favorite small moments are the spontaneous plans we make that always are completely unexpected – and most we still talk about to this day! All those moments will eventually be memories one day, so I am learning to appreciate each one when they happen – even if they seem insignificant! 

Spend time with those you love. 

I love spending time with my roommates and friends, and I’m making sure to take advantage of the times where we’re able to see each other in college before we all travel into different corners of the world for the rest of our adult lives. These are the people I want to be able to continue seeing even after college, and while I know it will be much different through solely texting and FaceTime, we all love each other and want to continue our friendships despite the electronic barrier! For now, I am enjoying all the moments where we can hang out after classes, on weekends, and between activities during the day. 

Cherish every activity and event! 

I am also cherishing every senior event I can go to with my friends and also every event outside of school that will be my last time to attend in Baltimore. How many other times will I be able to attend an ‘Oktoberfest’ event with my entire class year and spend time together? Even while the events may also seem insignificant, they are so important to spend time with individuals while in our last year together!  

While I am anxious for the future and what will come, I know that my last year at Loyola is going to be amazing spent with people I love. I know that with whatever I end up doing for next year, I will be surrounded by a wonderful support system of friends that I can talk to anytime. I am so excited for my last year here at Loyola, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. 

Sophie LaBella is a senior at Loyola University Maryland studying writing and communications with a minor in studio arts. When she isn't studying or working on one of her many unfinished poems, you can find her recording for her radio show at WLOY, embroidering her jeans, dancing, or spending time with her best friends!