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Shows that will keep you at the edge of your seat… 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

By:  Anabel Martin Llanusa

Some of the shows I started to watch at least 4 years ago are either done or they are coming to an end. Why would I care though? There are only a million shows on Netflix alone. But, these shows have something special, the action, the tension, the unexpectedness of the scripts, it is something you do not find in many shows these days. And if you do it does not last for really long. Here are some of the best shows that will catch your attention and not let it go.

How To Get Away With Murder  

This show starred one of my favorite actresses: Viola Davis. Her performance is just amazing, and the emotions she portrays through the camera can make the audience feel as if they were going through everything with her. She plays a law professor, who is also a criminal lawyer. She has her own group of carefully selected students that help her with her cases. You can watch season 1 in a sitting (like I did) for the mystery they provide until the last episode. I might say that in the last season the audience is prepared to know “how to get away with murder” and that would give you the clue for the finale.  

Breaking Bad  

Breaking Bad is old but so worth it. If you haven’t watched it yet, and have NO spoilers, I would tell you that you would not be able to stop watching. It’s not like any show that you could stop and return to keep watching. When you pass the 3rd episode threshold there is no turning back until you reach season 5. The transformations of the characters, the tension, the mystery, everything in this show is good. The show is about Walter White, a chemistry professor who has been diagnosed with cancer, and has basically no money to give to his family. After being diagnosed, he is determined to find a way to make more money so he ends up asking an old student for help and they start to make meth in an RV. The beauty of the show is how Walter White will find a way to surpass almost anything as the plot starts getting more complex.  


A slightly newer show, Euphoria has become a sensation. in terms of cinematography, the colors, the light, the sounds, the smoothness of the transitions, Euphoria is just one of the most beautiful shows I have seen. I think the transitions for this show are a very critical part for the audience since I think they are targeting mostly teenagers to see the show, the transitions on the episodes make you not feel tired or bored; or sometimes even play with your phone while the show is running. I think the key to giving away the tension during the show is build-up in the cinematography. I do think the messages of these shows are stronger than any other teenager show I have seen, this show has made me literally cry. Zendaya portrays Rue, a drug addict that comes back from rehab to her high school, and is trying to stay clean. While Rue is going through a new stage of her life, the director takes us into the life of other characters of her high school that are usually around her in a sense.  

So, with these shows, you. will never get bored. Happy binging!

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