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How to Stay Warm on Halloween without Ruining your Costume

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

I remember when I was younger and we would go trick-or-treating, my mom had us wear clothes under our Halloween costumes to keep us warm. These clothes usually consisted of a basic long sleeve and cable knit stockings. And although the efforts made sense, I hated wearing the extra clothes with my costume– it totally ruined the vibes. But as I am older now and costumes for girls my age got smaller, I realized the importance of staying warm on the brisk nights of Halloween. But does staying warm mean having to ruin your costume? Never. But, here are some ways to stay nice and toasty while still looking hot in your costume. 

Wearing Stockings or Leggings 

My first tip is similar to when I was a child but just way more seamless–wearing tights and stockings underneath your costume. However, instead of thin pantyhose or weirdly colored leggings, I recommend something that I was introduced to by the TikTok gods: skin-colored tights lined with fleece. This is perfect if you’re going the shorts/ bodysuit route this Halloween. You can have the best of both worlds by staying warm while also having that bare-legged look. For an extra flare, you can add fishnets or long socks over the fleece-lined tights to give the illusion that you’re not wearing any! 

Hack for those who may have trouble finding tights that match their skin tone: take the pale-colored fleece tights and use a pair of dance tights (that come in many different colors) over top of the fleece ones!  

Using a Wig 

Head colds? The worst! So, this next tip is to keep our little noggins nice and cozy while we party all night. Wigs. Yes, I know wigs can be scary and daunting. However, finding a fun wig not only allows you to have a covering over your head that isn’t an unflattering hat, but it allows you to fully step into whatever character you choose to dress up as! Dressing up as Barbie this year? Try out a blonde wig to be everything and more (and not freezing) this Halloween! 

Incorporating a Jacket  

This is slightly controversial, I know. But, the best way to stay warm is to wear your jacket. But how to not ruin your costume? Well, this gets a little tricky. The first thing I recommend is for those dressing up like a character from a TV show or Movie. Try looking up outfits that the character wore during winter episodes/scenes. A lot of times they are wearing a jacket that you most likely already have in your closet. For example, if you’re dressing up as a Cheerio from Glee, you may want to consider pairing the cherry red uniform with a track jacket to match. 

Invisible layering  

This last tip is my fave– invisible layering. Layering can easily make your costume go from thin to a little bit more bearable in the cold. Invisible layering takes clothing that is similar to the cut of the costume and wearing it underneath so it isn’t visible. This could mean wearing a tank bodysuit underneath a one-piece costume or wearing short spandex shorts underneath a mini skirt. 

In conclusion, it is absolutely possible to rock your costume effortlessly while also staying warm and comfortable during the Halloween season.  With that being said, wear what you want for Halloween! And whether that costume is ‘sexy’ or a bit modest, stay warm and safe in this weather! 

Tyra Alexander is a National Writer for Her Campus, primarily writing about life, experiences, and academics. She is also Editor In Chief at her campus chapter at Loyola University Maryland. Beyond Her Campus, Tyra is a Sophomore English Major and communications minor. She is the Head Nonfiction Editor for her campus' literary art magazine, Corridors and is Senior Copy Editor for her school's newspaper, The Greyhound News. In her free time, Tyra can be found reading a romance book (or two), dancing with her university’s dance company, or watching vlogs by her favorite YouTubers. She is a big fan of R&B and pop, with her favorite artists being Victoria Monét, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande.