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Fall Activities: Upstate New York Edition

While fall isn’t my absolute favorite season, I do have a great appreciation for it because of what fall is like where I live. I live in Upstate New York, and the leaves are changing on the Catskill and Berkshire mountains. It brings a special feeling in the air that makes me feel right at home. These are the things I like to do in the fall to embrace the season:

Bike ride on the Corning Preserve

In the heart of Albany, there’s a paved bike trail that begins at the Corning preserve which is a small park that overlooks the Hudson River. The bike path is called the Mohawk Hudson Bike/Hike Trail and it stretches about 36 miles from Albany to Watervliet. What I like most about biking this trail is that there are so many views of the changing leaves and beautiful nature along the river! Personally, I am not a runner so biking this trail has been a really fun way for me to get in some exercise as well as being able to enjoy the nature of fall.

Apple Picking

Typical fall activity that everyone loves, but I love apples. I think apples might be my favorite fruit because I eat them so much! Back to apple picking, sadly this year I was unable to go apple picking but I did pick up some apples at my local orchard in support of small businesses around me, and they were so good. In my household, my mom and I love to bake, and we tend to use the apples to make apple crisp which is a family favorite around this time of year.

Fall Campfire

I’m so excited to spend more time with my family this fall and although I’m so sad we aren’t on campus this semester, I’m grateful to have time with my parents. At my house, we have a fire pit and I’m so excited to have family campfires! I love s’mores and I love sitting around the fire enjoying the company of my family in the chilly fall weather.

Wardrobe Changes

Although I love summer fashion with my rompers and brightly color-coordinated outfits to soak up the sun, fall fashion has my heart. Recently, I’ve put almost all of my tank tops and colorful summer clothing away and brought out all my sweaters and neutral-colored clothing to take their place. I think that fall sweater weather here in New York is the best because there is no better feeling than being wrapped in a big comfy sweater while sipping a hot cup of apple cider. 

Walks to See the Fall Scenery

I love to take quiet fall walks in nature when it’s a nice day out. My favorite place to take a fall walk is my family farm because it’s along a quiet ridge nestled in between both the Catskill and the Berkshire mountains with the most beautiful views of the countryside. I enjoy walking on the farm because I get to see all different kinds of wildlife like deer and turkeys that I wouldn’t see at any local city park. I also love to walk on the farm because of the cows that we have, I love seeing the cows grazing and then looking out onto the fields of soy all ready for harvesting – to me, there’s nothing like it (even though I am in love with the city life, the country is where I’m from and it will always be special to me).

I think after writing this piece, I really have grown to have a big appreciation for both fall and living here in Upstate NY. I love Baltimore and I’m awaiting the day I get to move into my dorm room, but New York has my heart and even more so in the fall.

Gracie Flach

American '24

Gracie is a sophomore studying Business Administration. She recently transferred to American from Loyola Maryland and joined HCAU's eboard as an editor. Her interests include sewing/embroidery(anything fashion-related), exploring DC especially the museums, and gardening.
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