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5 Unique Games to Play at Your Friendsgiving Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

If you’re planning a Friendsgiving with you and your friends, yes the food is important, but the activities after eating are crucial for a successful party! Don’t get me wrong, physical and metaphorical tea after a good meal is superior. However, my favorite part about get-togethers and parties are the games. Games are a sort of structured way to have mindless fun with your friends.  

Typical party games like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, and Never Have I Ever are classic. But, if you’re looking to shake up your party and introduce a new game to play, this is the right place for you! 

  1. Song Association  

Inspired by the YouTube videos from ELLE, this game is perfect if your friend group is made of music lovers! For this game, you have a niche word and you get around ten seconds to start singing a song that either says that word or has that word in the title. If you sing a correct song within the ten second time frame, you get a point! This game is an individual game with individual points. For this game you can also write words on a slip of paper and put them in a bowl but lucky for us, a YouTube channel posts Song Association words inspired by Elle!  

  1. Friend-Group Jeopardy  

This next game is a personal twist on the Jeopardy game. What makes this Jeopardy different is that it asks questions based on the players (the friend group). For example, you can make a question that may say “This person has three brothers” and you would guess who it is. This game is fun and personal if you and your friend group have a lot of inside jokes! A template to make your game can be found here!  

  1. Guess Who Posted What 

Wanna see who’s chronically online? Try this game to test who knows their friend’s Instagram page the best. To play, you take Instagram posts from all your friends and zoom in on a random spot. Then, you all take turns guessing who’s Instagram it’s from. This game is a really fun guessing game to test if you really know your friends’ posts! 

  1. The Saran Wrap game 

This next game is one of my faves. The Saran Wrap game is a high stakes game that races towards unwrapping a huge ball of goodies. To make the Saran Wrap ball you first take a very valuable prize like a gift card or cash and use it as the “core”, wrap it tightly in saran wrap. Continue to wrap with saran wrap and every couple of layers  add goodies like candy, cash, or other trinkets. Continue doing this until you have a basketball-sized ball. When you play, you and your friends sit in a circle have one person start unwrapping while the person to the right rolls dice, when the person rolling rolls a double, they get the saran ball next and so on. This game is very fast paced and competitive and overall very fun! 

  1. Camera Hot Potato  

Lastly, this game is like Russian Roulette but with selfies! It’s called “Camera Hot Potato” and to play you need a smartphone. Sit in a circle with your friends and set a timer on your phone. The longer the timer, the more suspenseful. As the timer goes by, pass around the phone while holding it up and posing. This game is absolutely hilarious to see the collection of frantic and awkward selfies! 

Hope you have a happy and fun Friendsgiving!

Tyra Alexander is a National Writer for Her Campus, primarily writing about life, experiences, and academics. She is also a contributing writer at her campus chapter at Loyola University Maryland. Beyond Her Campus, Tyra is a Sophomore English Major and communications minor. She is a nonfiction editor for her campus' literary art journal, Corridors and is a copy editor for the school newspaper. In her free time, Tyra can be found reading a romance book (or two), dancing with her university’s dance company, or watching vlogs by her favorite YouTubers. She is a big fan of R&B and pop, with her favorite artists being Victoria Monét, Beyoncé, and Ariana Grande.