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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Spring has sprung, which officially means its time to go outside and soak up the sunshine! All across campus, students have already begun to take advantage of the sunny skies—with no shortage of hammocks set up across the quad. While enjoying the gorgeous weather on campus is always lovely, there’s so many activities to get involved in inside the city of Baltimore while also spending time in the sun. 

Whether you’re looking for easy, inexpensive adventures off campus or a planned day trip, here are five things to do in Baltimore to bask in the spring season. 

  1. Host a picnic in Sherwood Gardens 

Sherwood Gardens’ beautiful scenery makes for the perfect outdoor picnic spot this spring. As a bonus, there’s no cost to sit and enjoy the weather, making it a perfect spot if you’re looking for a cost-free activity. Plus, it’s only a 15-minute walk from campus, making it convenient to visit without a car. Break out your charcuterie boards and picnic blankets! 

  1. Walk the Stony Run Trail 

The Stony Run Trail runs right along the side of Newman and makes for the ideal hike if you’re looking to just enjoy the sun. The path leads right up to Roland Park, and there’s even a few shops located by the end of the trail to check out and visit. Hidden within the path is also a bench with a notebook for note taking or writing poetry, which many people have explored on their walks. Visit with a friend and leave a note, or enjoy this peaceful trail in solitude! 

  1. Visit the Inner Harbor at sunset 

The Inner Harbor always provides gorgeous scenery but is even more perfect during the spring when the weather isn’t freezing. Take advantage of all the amazing restaurants and activities in Downtown Baltimore before stopping by the harbor to watch the sunset. It makes for the end of a perfect evening, and for great pictures, too! 

  1. Check out pop up thrift stores 

Pop-up thrift stores have been circulating all over Instagram, and so many are local to Loyola’s campus! The Rosebud Flea Market and Bmore Flea are two examples of popups hosted within the city (and Towson area) that have so many amazing vendors and vintage fashion pieces all within reasonable price ranges. They always have events happening—be sure to keep up with their Instagram accounts! 

  1. Enjoy a sweet treat at The Charmery 

A simple yet delicious spring treat, The Charmery has no shortage of amazing delicacies if you’re craving something sweet. Their staple and popup flavors are always so unique and delicious, and the location is super close to Loyola. After your dessert, you can also check out the vintage shops in Hampden and scout out some new spring clothing pieces.  

There’s nothing like springtime in Baltimore, and these places are the perfect testament to the warming weather! Happy spring! 

Sophie LaBella is a senior at Loyola University Maryland studying writing and communications with a minor in studio arts. When she isn't studying or working on one of her many unfinished poems, you can find her recording for her radio show at WLOY, embroidering her jeans, dancing, or spending time with her best friends!