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Like everything else this year, the holidays need a little re-imagining due to COVID-19. Here are five safe ideas that you can use to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, family, or your significant other.  

  1. Have a baking/cooking night!  

My sister and I love to bake. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to bake heart-shaped cookies, pies, and other delicious goods! One of the pizza shops near my house always sells heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day, which is always fun. You don’t have to be an advanced baker to make something heart-shaped in your kitchen. This is a low-stress way to celebrate the day.  

  1. Have a picnic.  

It’s pretty cold outside but picnics are always fun. There are a lot of small parks with picnic benches near my house, so this could be a great option for a low-stress activity that’s still a break from your day to day life. Just make sure to clean up after yourself, wear masks, and check the curfew rules of the town that your park is in.  

  1. Go on an adventure outside!  

My parents are very COVID-19 cautious and they only let me see friends outside with masks on. Since COVID hit, we’ve gone for long walks in our neighborhood as well as the nearby canal. If you don’t normally spend time outside, going for a long walk or hike could be a great way to responsibly celebrate Valentine’s Day.  

  1. Watch Netflix and Chill! 

I’m personally tired of screens, but in normal times I enjoyed watching Netflix to relax. Pick a romantic movie, or an episode from your favorite TV show. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy what you watch. And don’t forget the popcorn!  

  1. Host a Zoom gathering!  

I put this one last because we all hate Zoom University, but Zoom still serves its purpose! Use Zoom to check in with your grandparents, an elderly neighbor, or your extended family on Valentine’s Day. More people are alone this year than ever before, and the people in your life will appreciate the human connection even if it’s through a screen.  



This won’t be the most exciting Valentine’s Day ever, but it does deserve to be celebrated. Whether you choose a Zoom gathering or a night full of Netflix, hopefully, this will be a Valentine’s Day to remember for many years to come.  

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