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5 Reasons Why “This Is Us” Should be on your Watch List this Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUM chapter.

Looking for a new show this Fall? Say no more! I’ve recently been introduced to the 2016 TV drama, “This Is Us” and I have been pleasantly surprised by how much I have enjoyed it. The show follows the lives and families of two parents and their children, going back and forth from the past, present, and future. Below, I have compiled several different reasons on why this could potentially be your new favorite show! 

1. The music and soundtrack  

For any music lovers, look no further for an ideal and well-thought-out soundtrack. The soundtrack features hit music, underground artists, and everything in between. The use of the music ties in perfectly with the cinematography. Also, the music compliments certain scenes so well and will definitely have you Shazaming certain songs while watching. Plus, there’s the added benefit of real-life Disney princess Mandy More occasionally busting out a song or two while in character. 

2. The realism within the writing and acting  

Whether it’s the depiction of parenting, relationships, friendships, or anything else, the actors in the show do a phenomenal job of showing emotion, imperfections, and realism through their characters. Many viewers can understand the characters struggles and relate to many of the themes. This causes viewers to have so much empathy for each and every character and allows us to understand why certain characters do what they do.  

3. The casting and SFX makeup  

Since the show takes place over multiple decades, the actors and actresses are casted at different ages. All the younger actors are very similar looking to the older version of the actors. This makes watching the show even more entertaining and engaging since we see the resemblance so well. Additionally, as the characters age, the makeup department made sure to add SFX makeup to show realistic aging. These makeup prosthetics are hyper-realistic and incredible.  

4. The points of view and connections between plot lines  

Through each episode, we often see many different plot lines go on. These plot lines are often split up into small scenes and snippets. This makes viewers intrigued about what led the characters to get to that point. The different points of view that the show is filmed in helps audiences get a better understanding of the whole situation, as well as the connections between the plot lines. The show jumps back and forth between all timelines, and eventually by the end of the seasons, it connects, making a whole big picture.  

5. The nostalgia of all the decades the show takes place in  

The viewer age demographic for the show is 18-49 years old. This means almost every generation can appreciate the nostalgia of the decades the show takes place in. Whether it’s the music, hairstyles, outfits, or timely objects placed in the show (pay phones, old televisions, etc.) “This is Us Is” is a show for all ages to enjoy.  

I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed if you begin watching. This show is a wonderful work of art, and grapples with so many different themes. Hopefully, the fan base continues to grow, and audiences can continue appreciating it in all of its glory.  

You can find “This Is Us” streaming on Hulu!

Jenna Mattern is a Communications (Journalism) student at Loyola University Maryland. In addition to being apart of Her Campus, she is also an RA, plays club softball, and is apart of the Honor Council. She has had experience writing for other organizations in high school, and is look forward to continuing her work through Her Campus. In her free time she loves to cook, hang out with friends, shop, and go to the beach!