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Who are the Students for Reproductive Justice?

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The Students for Reproductive Justice (SRJ) at Loyola University Chicago fight injustice on campus and pass out free condoms on Fridays.

Not many students know what SRJ is, but almost everyone sees a group of enthusiastic students screaming “free condoms” and passing out their products at the intersection of W Sheridan Rd. and N. Kenmore Ave. The location is intentional; it is technically not on Loyola’s campus.

Because Loyola is a Jesuit campus, it does not provide students with contraception. SRJ is actively trying to change this policy.

“In my eyes, birth control is a human right. Having birth control allows me to be a more free person and to make decisions about who I have sex with, and when, and how…” said SRJ leader Bri Howerton.

Besides the weekly condom distribution, SRJ has a “TxtJane” service in which you can have products delivered, and a pads and tampons campaign that provides hygiene products in every bathroom regardless of gender. This is paid for by the Student innovation fund.

“We do distributions every Friday, we hand out about 150 each time, and we also do TxtJane every wednesday night, from 5 to 1o… we provide condoms, dental dams, lube, and we also provide internal condoms,” said SRJ organizer Amy Al-Salaita.

Members take advantage of their platform to organize and take part in demonstrations on campus. They partner with Howard Brown Health and support Black Lives Matter, according to their website.

Although they have students graduating this year, they are likely to continue with their mission because the younger students are “fired up and ready to go,” said Howerton.




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