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What’s Your Plan After Graduation?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

“What’s your plan after graduation?” The forever feared question that professors, parents, friends, and even casual acquaintances continually ask graduating seniors as the big day inches closer. To all of you who are so curious, please, stop asking! We will let you know when it’s all figured out. We will even make sure to update all our social media accounts to let the world know when it happens.

But really, where have the last four years gone? If you’re like me, you’re denying anything involving graduation. I mean, it feels like yesterday I was sitting in the dining hall, eating with my new, freshman friends, and without warning, those days are in the past. Our lives are consumed with figuring out our future more than ever, especially now that there are less than eight weeks until graduation. But who’s counting?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who have a job already lined up or received an acceptance letter into graduate or medical school. Maybe you’re moving back home or to a new city. Maybe you’ve decided to take a year off to travel. Whatever it may be, we are truly happy for you. Seriously, congratulations. Drinks are definitely in order.

Those of you who don’t have your future figured out, I’m here to tell you to have no fear. You’re not alone!

We all wish there was a college course teaching us how to be a grown-up, but since it doesn’t exist, dig deep and try recalling those tips given to you from your parents, professors, employers, and mentors and put them to use.

Job-hunting can be the worst, but it has to happen, so put aside those BuzzFeed quizzes and get motivated!

Your resume is in tiptop shape, you’ve deleted all the embarrassing photos on Facebook, and you’ve revamped your social accounts. Now it’s time to uncover the stash of business cards you’ve collected over the past four years, stalk companies on LinkedIn, and take advantage of the connections you’ve made over the years. It’s a crazy time full of insecurities, rejection, countless cover letter writing and nerve wracking interviews, but hey, as said in Disney’s High School Musical, “we’re all in this together!”

Take a deep breath, and know that no one has the answers to their future. Everyone’s just winging it. If we had our entire life planned out, where would the excitement be? Embrace the next chapter of your life with open arms and whatever happens happens. So here’s to your future, collegiettes! Go get ‘em!


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Kate is a small town lady with big city dreams. She is currently studying Advertising and Public Relations at Loyola University with a minor in Marketing. Moving to Chicago has been such an exciting experience for her. She enjoys traveling, attending social events, creating, shopping, keeping up with the latest music and fashion trends and so much more. She's so excited to be a part of the founding contributors of Her Campus LUC!