What Are You Grateful For?

The end of the year is fast approaching. While that brings holidays, food and maybe gift-giving, it also brings an opportunity for reflection.

How have we grown during the year? What lies ahead for us as the new year comes closer? Reflection, after all, is embedded in the Jesuit heritage of Loyola, no matter your individual beliefs. And reflection let’s us take a step back from the chaos that is our world, and lets us find who we are as people.


Thanksgiving, to me, is an often neglected holiday. I think it is a wonderful time to have a break and think about what is in your life that you truly appreciate.


I wanted to get a sense of how Loyola students feel about gratefulness.


What comes to mind when you hear the word “blessing?”


“I guess, to me, it would mean having the opportunity to spend time with your family and the people you love, especially around Thanksgiving.” –Claire Filpi, fourth-year


“When I hear the word ‘blessing,’ I immediately think of my family. I am truly blessed to have such a fun, loving, and hilarious family that always has my back. I literally can't wait to spend the holidays with them!” –Miky Belmonte, third-year


What comes to mind when you hear the word “grateful?”


“When I think of ‘grateful’ I immediately  think of my parents. My parents are the most loving, supportive, and generous people I know. They have given me the world and for that I am forever grateful.” –Arwa Madhwala, second-year


Why do you think people are often ungrateful?


“Personally, I feel people are often ungrateful, because we're too focused on what we feel we deserve, or what is owed to us. Instead, we should be focusing on all the great things we already have.” –Miky Belmonte, third-year


“It can be difficult to recognize the privileges some of us may have. If we don't recognize that a factor in our life is something that not everyone has or that wasn't a given in our life, then it's pretty hard to be thankful for it.” –Anna Dexter, third-year