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Treat Your Face to An InnisFree Night

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% from Her Campus.

My eyes have recently been opened to the luxury of InnisFree and their skincare products. The company is helping to bridge the gap between the global market and K-Beauty, or Korean products. A hallmark of K-Beauty is prevention, rather than reaction, so that the skin stays youthful and healthy. After falling in love with the brand’s Cica Balm, I was eager to see what else they had to offer. So what better way to test the waters than with a welcome kit?! 


InnisFree’s kit includes a face mask in sheet form, serum, eye cream and hydrating cream. It’s all packaged in a simple, easy-to-access sheet with tearable sections. On the back, instructions are written in both English and Korean and each step is listed in the order of suggested application. After enlisting the help of Kayla Kalu, one of our newest team members at HCLUC, we wasted no time in getting our pampering on.


Step 1: Face Mask 


The first step in InnisFree’s welcome kit, this mask smelled amazing. Immediately, we noticed that it came out of the package extremely wet and remained that way the whole time we had it on our faces. But all of that hydration actually turned out to be moisturizing without compromising the hold of the mask itself – it stuck to our skin with ease and didn’t slide around once we had it in place. We could also feel it tingling and cooling our skin. 


Once the mask was off we felt noticeable tightness on our faces, but in a way that made us feel rejuvenated and lightweight. It also left our skin soft to the touch and hydrated. Overall? This was a winner for us.


Snag it here for $1.80 


Step 2: Serum 


Again, this product smelled incredible. We were beginning to sense a pattern in that regard. I was wary of this coming out greasy, as has been my experience with serums in the past. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one, which came out in a clear formula, absorbed well and didn’t feel as though it was lingering on my face. It also spread over our skin effortlessly. Just like the mask, it was extremely hydrating and felt as though my skin were being kissed by the fairy of moisture.


Snag it here for $27​


Step 3: Eye Cream 


Just like before, this smells luxurious. All of the scents are earthy and natural, which helped create the illusion of being in a spa. This eye cream was much thicker than any eye cream I’ve used before, and definitely caught us off guard when we first took it out of the package. However, it didn’t feel as heavy as we feared once it was actually on our faces. 


Just like the first two steps in the kit, we could feel the cream putting hydration back into our skin. But while both Kayla and I loved how it felt on our faces, we did agree that this would be something much more suited for a nighttime skin routine, so that it could be slept in and fully absorbed. It also felt like a product that might appeal more to those with normal to dry skin than someone with oily skin.


Snag it here for $24​


Step 4: Hydrating Cream 


Obviously, the cream smelled as delectable as every other product in the kit. InnisFree really hit the nail on the head in that regard. Through the scent alone, every product made you feel like you were getting something high-end and expensive. 


This cream slid on effortlessly and felt as smooth and moisturizing as the previous three products. The solution itself wasn’t as dense as the eye cream, but it was thicker than the serum. It was a perfect wrap to a night of pampering and felt as though I was locking everything in before I went to bed.


Snag it here for $24


Final Thoughts 


The whole experience was as fun as it was easy. With all four products in the same sheet, clean up and application are a breeze. By the end, both Kayla and I felt relaxed and revived. The next morning we both agreed that our faces felt noticeably softer. And with winter fast approaching, we are extra excited to continue using the products in order to stay moisturized. 


As a note, the kit seemed most appropriate as a bedtime routine. While nothing felt too heavy to leave the house in, your skin will get more out of sleeping in the products. And you’ll wake up feeling refreshed! Also, even though it never felt greasy on our faces, we would caution those with oily skin to play around with the different products to see if the added moisture is too much. 


It was a kit that truly welcomed me with a fantastic smelling, luxurious feeling, hydrating hug. This is for anyone who wants a high-end spa treatment without paying the high-end price tag. 


HCLUC Co-CC Shelby is an LUC senior studying multimedia journalism, cultural anthropology, political science and Asian studies. Although she grew up in South Dakota, she has found homes in Chicago, Morocco, and Vietnam. She strives to continue traveling the world to seek out human triumphs and trials by telling stories through a fresh, unbiased viewpoint. When she's not studying or working, Shelby is a devoted fan of sunsets, strawberry smoothies, and Seth Meyers.