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The Top 4 Songs From Demi Lovato’s New Album, Confident

Celebrities have the power and ability to influence the world, especially their fans that love them so dearly. They can either have negative or positive impacts on people including teenagers and young adults. One of my all time favorite celebrities is Demi Lovato because she slays the music world by empowering her fans and inspiring those around her to stay strong. Here’s a list of my favorite songs from her new album, Confident, and reasons why they rule.

1. Confident

Demi is a powerful woman who doesn’t let a man hold her back. In this song, she explains how she is a strong and powerful woman who is taking charge of her own life. She also knows she deserves respect, as all people do. If she isn’t treated well, she can find better or even do well all on her own, which is a great lesson that all girls should learn. She sings, “So you say I’m complicated that I must be out of my mind, but you had me underrated. What’s wrong with being confident?” Whoever had Demi underrated must have been such a dumbie!

2. Old Ways

The pop star gets deep and emotional in this song, but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you will realize that this song is so inspiring. It is no secret that Demi has dealt with troubles in the past. She has struggled with mental illness and addiction, but this song emphasizes her true strength. Demi says, “But if somebody tells me I’ll go back to my old ways, I’m gonna say ‘no way, I’m out of the doorway.'” She really is a strong woman who uses her voice to share her story and help others.

3. For You


This is THE ultimate breakup song. Ever been in a relationship with someone who didn’t deserve your love at all? I think we’ve all been there, ladies. Throughout this song, Demi explains how she did so much for a boy that didn’t give her anything in return. She is smart enough to leave a relationship that isn’t going anywhere and is not equal. She says, “I’d give you a chance, but the better man never called.” Demi, PREACH IT, GIRL!

4. Mr. Hughes

Demi has got be jamming to this song all day, every day. She is singing about a guy from her past, who broke her heart over and over again. He apparently also led her on and then asked to start over again with her. Who does this guy think he is? Demi is slaying the game by saying, “”How could you think I’m so stupid, I wouldn’t see through? I always do. Now I got a new man and he’s ten times the man you could ever be, Mr. Hughes.” Yikes, whoever Mr. Hughes is, he’s gonna need some ice for that burn…

Demi is one of the best role models any girl can have and I am so glad to call her one of my role models and favorite celebrities EVER! 

Christy is a senior Psychology and Spanish major. She is one of the Campus Correspondent's of Loyola Univeristy Chicago's Her Campus chapter. She basically lives for Zumba classes and corgis. Her passions include promoting domestic violence awareness and mental health awareness and she does so through Alpha Chi Omega and Active Minds!
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