Tik Tok Accounts to Follow for Amazing Skin

When I joined the Tik Tok community, I was merely looking for a fun way to pass time in quarantine. I had no idea that there were so many communities on this platform that actually pertain to my interests! Namely, my love for skincare. I have stumbled upon some awesome content creators that have helped me step up my skincare routine, and I want to share them with you. Here are just a few of my favorite skincare accounts to follow on Tik Tok!

  1. Hyram is a skincare guru! He really knows his stuff when it comes to product formulas and pricing. His bubbly personality makes his videos so fun to watch and his smile is truly infectious. I’m such a big fan! Although Hyram has been making Youtube videos for a while, I know him from his infamous reviews of other tik tok user’s skincare routines. He truly tells it like it is in the nicest way possible, while also accounting for the fact that everyone’s skin is different. What I love most about his account is that he explains exactly what each product is supposed to be used for, as well as when and how to use them. So, if you’re just starting out on your skincare journey, make sure to check him out!

  2. Bauer Beauty, otherwise known as Jenny Bauer, is an esthetician based in Detroit, who is all about the no fragrance and no B.S. skincare life. She studied skin at the Douglas J Aveda institute and has been a licenced esthetician since 2016. Bauers Tik Tok’s are awesome because she shows a variety of affordable products that will work wonders for your skin. My favorite videos that she has are where she reviews drugstore skincare products. She had me shocked to find that I was overpaying for products that I could simply get at my local CVS! As someone who in the past struggled with cystic acne, Bauer wants to help others on their journey to clean skin in a simple and easy way. 

  3. Ben is an NYU alumni with a passion for skin care! He breaks down all of the skin care essentials that you need in his videos. After starting to gain popularity on Tik Tok, Ben also joined the Youtube community a few months ago to further share his expertise. From cleansers, to toners, serums and treatments, he has a ton of recommendations for all skin types. I have also found that he knows a lot about the beauty industry as a whole, and often has interesting information to share with his followers regarding how products not only interact with one’s skin, but also the body and the environment. He also shares some great affordable dupes for high-end brands! I can’t thank him enough for catering to my college budget. 

If there’s one positive thing that Tik Tok has brought me, it is the professional (and free!) information that is helping me keep my skin in the best shape possible. I hope you find these accounts as helpful as I do and that they inspire you to take better care of your skin!