Testing Out New Kylie Skin Products!

Kylie Jenner’s skincare line, Kylie Skin, took the world by storm when it launched in May of this year, selling out in an impressive six minutes! Just last month, Jenner added two brand new products to the collection a face and lip mask. As any sane person would, I bought both items the day they came out and I am so excited to share my first impressions.


After picking up my package from the mail, I squealed for joy. The baby pink packaging is so aesthetically pleasing and has always been my favorite feature of the Kylie skin brand. Complete with pink bubble wrap and a message from Jenner herself, it was such an adorable presentation. Now, let’s get into the products.

The Hydrating Face Mask is sold for $34 on KylieSkin.com. What’s interesting about the mask is that it is white in color, sort of like a typical moisturizer. It smelled similar to sunscreen which wasn’t very appealing to be quite honest. It is a very thick consistency but was easy to spread all over the face. As soon as I put it on, my skin felt super tingly and fresh. I used three small squirts to cover my entire face; however, you can use more and less depending on how much moisture your skin type needs. I have combination skin and so in the winter time my skin gets very dry. The instructions said to leave it on overnight and the next morning my face felt super smooth and hydrated with not a dry spot in sight.

Next up,  is the Lip Mask. It is sold for $22 on Kylieskin.com. It is clear in color and a super rich consistency, making it almost gooey. I would say it is similar to lip gloss in the sense that is is very thick; however, it is not sticky. This product contained no scent, at least none that I picked up on. I found it unusual because it contained little chunks of product that take some time to melt into your lips, but I assumed it helps give added moisture. I applied two strokes of the product on my lips. The morning after, my lips were decently moisturized but not to any significant degree. 

Now, the face mask was amazing! It did a great job giving me the added moisturization my skin needed and, as a result, I think dry skin types would greatly benefit. I could definitely see myself purchasing it again but as for the lip mask, I’m not entirely sure. It did its job but it didn’t really amaze me. Usually to moisturize my lips, I use vaseline so perhaps I could use both simultaneously but it seems rather redundant. I don’t believe that it is vital to have, especially when there are cheaper and more effective alternatives. All in all, the products were pretty great and I would highly recommend that everyone should give it a try! Interested in testing out these products yourself? Shop here.