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Rosebud on Rush, the restaurant my article is about.
Original photo by Sarah Sommers

Restaurant Review: Rosebud on Rush

Before I moved to my downtown apartment, I made a Chicago bucket list. It’s full of random things from restaurants to experiences. On this bucket list lies the iconic restaurant I have passed on multiple occasions but never actually eaten at – Rosebud on Rush. The restaurant welcomes you with a lit sign and outdoor seating when the weather permits. 

I had the opportunity to eat here on a Thursday evening with some friends. I was a part of a promotional video for my sorority and we were filming some girls enjoying a nice dinner in downtown Chicago. I suggested Rosebud on Rush because I knew it was cute and I had been dying to try it. Everyone agreed and we made reservations. 

When we arrived, we had a little snafu. You had to make reservations in four and we had six people so we made two separate reservations. They said they would try their best to sit us together, but couldn’t promise anything. Once we arrived, the four girls (myself included) being filmed for the promotional video were seated in the lower level of the restaurant. This part of the restaurant was very romantic with perfect lighting and candlelit tables for a nice meal. 

Although I loved the aesthetic of the room, it wasn’t ideal for filming so the videographer and producer of the video tried to convince management to allow us to switch seats since they were seated outside and the lighting was better.

After some communication (and lots of confusion), the management team was very understanding and allowed myself and the other girls being filmed to move outside and the videographer and producer moved to the lower level. It worked out perfectly! In addition to  the very kind and understanding management team, the servers were dolls. They gave us  great service and were always there if you needed recommendations or anything at all. 

Now for the part you all are reading this for, the food. If I could sum up the food in one phrase it would have to be “To die for!” From the basket of bread to the pasta, it was all delicious. To start off your meal, the table is served a basket of bread and breadsticks. The bread was a soft sourdough kind of bread and the breadsticks were twisted grissini. For our meals, the four of us each ordered something different. At the table, we had rigatoni alla vodka (what I ordered since I had to compare it to my own recipe!), rigatoni alla vodka with chicken, cheese ravioli and a gnocchi and cheese dish. 

As far as my Rigatoni alla Vodka went, it was mouth-watering and I must say, as a girl who has a very sensitive tongue and hates the tiniest of spice, this vodka pasta had none. I found this very impressive because most vodka pastas always have a tiny kick due to the red pepper flakes they add to the sauce. In addition to my own pasta, my friend let me have a bite of her gnocchi and cheese dish and although I love gnocchi very much and might be biased, it was wonderful. 

The food might be pretty pricey but you are most definitely getting what you are paying for. The meal proportions are huge and you can easily split it with someone or have a left-over meal for another day. The restaurant also offers family style and packs up your left-overs for you and makes sure you enjoyed your food. The food also came out pretty fast for how busy they were and the large proportions. 

Finally, I have some pointers for you if you decide to visit the restaurant yourself. First off, make reservations. Although I highly recommend this for any restaurant in Chicago, this place gets very busy and you aren’t guaranteed a seat if you don’t make a reservation. If you are going with a significant other, the lower level of the restaurant is perfect. The lighting is just dim enough to “set the mood” and the candles add to the ambience. The outside seating is also a great option, but it is less romantic and feels a little crowded if it’s busy and as fellow Chicagoans walk past you, it can get a little bit loud. Lastly, I recommend you look at the menu (this is the dinner menu) before arriving so you aren’t overwhelmed, but the servers are always willing to give you some suggestions. 

Overall, I find Rosebud on Rush an amazing restaurant and will most definitely be going back. I am looking forward to trying the brunch they advertise on banners hung around the restaurant, and want to have the gnocchi dish for myself! This restaurant is perfect for a family dinner or a date, just know which setting you want for either dim lighting or an outside patio. 

Sarah is from Dayton, Ohio and is currently studying MultiMedia Journalism at Loyola University Chicago. She enjoys thrifting, traveling, fashion, film photography and lifestyle. She is a creative person and finds comfort in writing, exploring the great city of Chicago, and listening to music. Her dream job is to travel and see the world as she writes about different cultures and activities to do in those different countries. Instagram and Twitter: @_sarahsommers_
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