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November Tunes For Snoozin’ and Groovin’

It’s the middle of November and I’m starting to pick out my favorite tunes for the month. As a constant Spotify listener, I would say that my taste in music falls into two categories—I’m either listening to songs meant for snoozing or studying, or jamming out to tunes made for moving and grooving. In this article, I decided to pick out my top five songs for the month in both of these categories and tell you all a little bit about why I love them so much.


golden thing – Cody Simpson

I’ll admit that I’m not a Cody Simpson fan in any way, but this song might be starting to change my opinion. It’s fitting that it’s titled “golden thing,” because this stripped-down, acoustic song exudes warmth and golden energy. The lyrics are simple and sweet, but it’s the combination of the acoustic and soft electric guitar behind Simpson’s vocals that make this song a must-listen.

1980s Horror Film – Wallows

I love songs that are written in a story format, and this song from Wallows is exactly that. 1980s Horror Film tells the story of a teenage romance with an unexpected twist, brought to life by singer Braeden Lemasters’ echoey vocals, beautiful guitar melody, and hints of sounds that fittingly evoke a horror film. 

Used to Be (Live) – Cody Fry

If you haven’t heard of Cody Fry (which I’m almost positive that you haven’t), I would highly recommend that you check him out. While his upbeat music is fantastic, it’s his acoustic work that has turned him into one of my favorite artists. Used to Be (Live) is a nostalgic and beautiful song that seeks to remind listeners of their childhood dreams. Fry uses a wide variety of instruments in this live recording that all swell together at the end for a soaring and touching finish. Definitely check this one out. 

You are Gold – the National Parks

Similar to ‘golden thing’, You are Gold by the National Parks evokes warmth upon listening. The band’s distinct songwriting style and vocal harmonies are paired in this song with classical instrumentation. The addition of the violin makes this song a sweet listen that is guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Reckless – Kevin Krauter

This song has been one of my favorites for a while, but I’m adding it back into my rotation this month. I’m a sucker for a song that combines acoustic guitar with melodious piano and Kevin Krauter perfectly executes this combination on Reckless. This is a song that I keep coming back to time and time again, and if you give it a listen, I’m sure you’ll soon see why!


Come Down – Anderson .Paak

This is my go-to song when I’m making my morning rush from Santa Clara to Mundelein. In fact, I’ve timed it perfectly with my power walk over to class. Anderson .Paak has always been one of my favorite artists, and this song off his 2016 album Malibu never fails to put me in a funky mood. Anderson has irresistible energy in this song that you feel in the recording. Come Down is perfect for that much needed morning boost on a cold November morning.

Never Had the Balls – Rex Orange County

When Rex Orange County released his new album Pony in October, I had very high expectations for it and I’m happy to report that those expectations have been met. Never Had the Balls is my favorite song from Pony simply because of the sheer positivity it exudes. I can’t help but smile whenever I listen to it, and it definitely adds a spring to my step as I’m walking around campus. It perfectly combines Rex’s signature style with a newfound energy and positivity. 

Baggage – Carter Ace

Baggage by Carter Ace was a recent find for me but I knew I had to include it on this list as soon as I first heard it. Carter Ace is an R&B band that perfectly combines soul, jazz, and R&B in Baggage to create a unique sound. Baggage is a short and sweet tune that’s perfect for adding a little groove to your day. I can’t stop listening to this band as a whole, and I look forward to seeing how their sound develops.

Dying to Meet You – She’s Only Sixteen

Dying to Meet You by Filipino band She’s Only Sixteen brings great retro vibes that are certain to add some pep to your step. Leader sing Roberto Seña’s energetic vocals combined with crisp electric guitar and drums make for a perfect 1950/60s inspired love song. 

A million bucks on a queen motel bed – Eric Hutchinson

I cannot say enough good things about this song. A million bucks on a queen motel bed is a unique listen from start to finish that I’m not quite sure how to describe. While it may start as a seemingly simple song, Eric Hutchinson manages to combine a wide variety of instruments and quirky lyrics to make a great chorus that I can’t stop putting on replay. I wish I could describe it better, you’ll just have to give it a listen yourself!

Amelia Ickes is a junior at Loyola University Chicago and Boston native. She is studying Multimedia Journalism with minors in political science and sport management.
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