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I Can’t Stop Talking About Cica Balm!

You might have a spot treatment. You probably have a toner. You should have a moisturizer. But can you imagine a product that works as all of those at once? 


I know, it sounds dangerously similar to a 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash (which should be avoided at all cost). But believe me, this Innisfree product is about to become your new best friend. 


Cica Balm Imperfection Care is made with baja seed oil and cica (or, Centella Asiatica Extract). It’s used to clear up skin, balance any unevenness, and leave your face brighter, softer, and stronger! 

Innisfree, $25; Shop now


Ever since I started using it this summer, it’s revolutionized my skin-game. (It should be noted that I have “normal” skin.) I pat a small amount onto my face every morning and night, as one of the last steps in my skin care routine, and I carry a travel-size packet with me during the day if I need some emergency TLC. 


The formula is lightweight and glides over the skin without feeling oily. Instead, I have notably softer skin that feels tightened and toned. Stubborn red patches on my face have chilled out and become less apparent. I’ve slowly seen a more prominent dewy look appear on my cheekbones. And after soothing some balm over spots, I wake up with clearer skin. 


Cica Balm’s cream is smooth and scent-free, which feels incredibly natural on my face and is much gentler than harsher and more abrasive products. And you really get a lot of product for how much money it is. I only used a small amount of the balm for each use – a drop only half the size of my pinky’s fingernail covers my entire face. 


I haven’t stopped raving about this product since I first started using it and now many of my friends have bought it for themselves. If you’re looking for a multi-use product that is gentle on skin but tough on blemishes, look no further than Innisfree’s Cica Balm! You’ll wake up feeling hydrated and refreshed, and you can also count on it to keep you feeling radiant all day long.


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HCLUC Co-CC Shelby is an LUC senior studying multimedia journalism, cultural anthropology, political science and Asian studies. Although she grew up in South Dakota, she has found homes in Chicago, Morocco, and Vietnam. She strives to continue traveling the world to seek out human triumphs and trials by telling stories through a fresh, unbiased viewpoint. When she's not studying or working, Shelby is a devoted fan of sunsets, strawberry smoothies, and Seth Meyers. 
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