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Getting There #3: Women On The Go…With Pepperspray

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

Shelby and Diana tackle a more sensitive topic this week, as they take a look at the downsides of being a young woman on-the-go. 


Late nights and early mornings can mean taking public transit alone and walking home alone in the dark. How do we look at what this means, as a young woman, without demonizing public transit? What do you have to give up, in order to feel comfortable and safe? 


Find out their take on this week’s episode of “Getting There” by listening here.


HCLUC Co-CC Shelby is an LUC senior studying multimedia journalism, cultural anthropology, political science and Asian studies. Although she grew up in South Dakota, she has found homes in Chicago, Morocco, and Vietnam. She strives to continue traveling the world to seek out human triumphs and trials by telling stories through a fresh, unbiased viewpoint. When she's not studying or working, Shelby is a devoted fan of sunsets, strawberry smoothies, and Seth Meyers. 
Her Campus LUC CC Diana is a senior at Loyola University Chicago pursuing a bachelors degree in Creative Advertising, with a minor in Visual Communication. As a self-proclaimed horror novel enthusiast, avid drinker of intricate coffees, and pseudo art aficionado, Diana hopes to share her wide array of passions with the HERCampus readers.