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To a Feminist Powerhouse, We Salute You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

Oprah Winfrey: talk show host, philanthropist, and possible future president, gave arguably one of the most iconic Golden Globes speeches of all times. As more and more women and men are bringing sexual assault issues to the forefront, Oprah killed her speech. Not only has Oprah been through many hardships in her life, but she speaks about them in a way that makes everyone feel included. Oprah, like many other women in the spotlight have stepped out of their comfort zones to bring injustices to the forefront of the media. I asked several women what they thought of Oprah’s Golden Globes speech and how it affected them.




“She’s a woman with a lot of power and someone who has been through sexual assault herself and has risen about it. She has risen above everything she has been through I can’t imagine all the hoops she had to jump through, but people loved her. These people realized that she was this personality that they wanted to see on tv and she didn’t have to be white, or male, or anything. Now look at her, she’s a multi-millionaire and she has her own network, and she’s this powerful businesswoman. She is standing up for women of all walks of life; the ones who have no say and the ones who have all the say and I think that’s amazing.” —Jacky James, second-year


“I did not watch the Golden Globes the night it aired. I was at a friend’s house when she said, “While watching Oprah’s speech, I knew I was watching history.” And I could help but agree when I watched the speech on YouTube a few days later. Not only has she made history being the first black woman to receive the Cecil B. de Mille Award, but she also used her platform to speak about a turning point in the movement against harassment. Say what you want about 2017, but I think all the campaigns, all the accusations, all the press has not only started a conversation but completed one; I think we can agree that the time is up. Many of the nominees at the Golden Globes, dressed in all black, spoke about the injustice in the entertainment industry and how that must come to an end. The same can be said at a more localized level. Almost all of my friends have a story where a boy has crossed a line. I can say with so much hope that I think 2018 will be a year of change where behavior like that is no longer tolerated. I hope our future daughters never have to put up with what we have. And I think we can look back on the campaigns, the allegations, the speeches of 2017 and 2018 and say that this was the turning point.” —Annie Kate Raglow, second-year


“I love oprah! Oprah’s speech made me feel extremely empowered. I think she did a wonderful job putting into words the feeling in our society that change is coming.” —Liz Schwarting, second-year




“Oprah is an incredibly skilled and educated speaker on this matter. She clearly was prepared to give this speech and knew what she wanted to say. And I admire that. I admire that confidence. I admire that passion. And I admire that class and that poise. Oprah has reinforced that “a new day is on the horizon” but it is up to us, as women, to bring on that new day. If no one is compassionate and active about this issue, no change will come. We are faced with “a culture broken by brutally powerful men” but if we do not take action, what sort of positive change do we expect? In fact, things may get worse if we do not speak up. However, it is interesting how she mentions there are wonderful men that are also fighting for our cause. I feel like often times, you see posts, rants, articles, what have you, that completely and utterly slam all men in the worst ways. The issue here isn’t with every single man on earth, in my opinion, and I wish more people were open-minded. Men can be feminists, too. Luckily, Oprah acknowledges this and praises the men that believe in equality.” —Hayley Accola, third-year

“Oprah’s speech made me feel empowered and hopeful for the future. I love her take on the issues that are coming out in our society and I totally support her.” —Emily Morley, second-year

For me, Oprah is the best example of what an empowered, strong, and intelligent woman looks like. She, like many others, has had so many struggles in her life. Instead of letting all of the bumps in the road hinder her, she has become one of the biggest powerhouses in the world. She is kind to everyone she meets, and uses her power for so much good.


Let’s just say if Oprah is running for president we totally stand behind her!


I am a fourth year student at Loyola University Chicago. I am highly interested in journalism, and social media marketing, especially when it comes to news and fashion. My current experiences consist of sales in different companies throughout the Midwest, such as Ann Taylor and Kate Spade, and editorial work with various companies, including Her Campus and Orange Coast magazine.