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photo collage of fall outfits
photo collage of fall outfits
Original photos by Ellie Kinney / Design by Ellie Carignan

Fall Thrift Haul to Inspire your Autumn Wardrobe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

What better time of year to revamp your wardrobe than fall! I am absolutely loving all of the buttoned cardigans, cozy sweaters, and statement pants that have made an appearance in the trends this year. I recently went thrifting to try to find some of these items and see what deals I could snatch. Here is a haul of all of the things I purchased and can’t wait to style this fall season!

Picture of a top and maroon bottoms with me as the model
Original photo by Ellie Kinney

1. Cropped Collared Cardigan and Cozy Sweater

The earth tones that have been coming into season this year are absolutely gorgeous. At first I was worried that wearing them wouldn’t mix well with my fair skin and might wash me out, but finding the right shade of neutrals actually brought out some of the highlights in my hair and now I can’t get enough of these colors! I found both this collared, short-sleeve sweater and button up, mid-sleeve cardigan from the thrift store and had to have them both. I ended up cropping the collared sweater with my fabric scissors to try to mimic the looks I have been seeing on Tik Tok recently. Both pieces are great for layering a turtleneck or t-shirt underneath and will definitely be a staple in my fall closet. 

white blouse, blazer and jeans modeled by me with a white background
Original photo byEllie Kinney

2. Flowy Blouse

I was excited to score this flowy white blouse when I went on my thrifting excursion. The fabric is light, airy, and overall super comfortable. I wanted a top that I could style half-tucked into my jeans to give that kind of professional, yet stylishly undone look. The top definitely has this potential, as well as the potential to be styled up or down for a casual or more business-oriented look. It also looks great under a statement blazer like I have shown in this photo!

Image of the top of an outfit photo
Original photo by Ellie Kinney

3. Maroon Jeans 

Maroon is definitely a signature fall color, and I am hereby reclaiming it from the “Christian Girl Autumn” aesthetic for the general use of all fashionistas out there! I totally scored with these soft denim maroon jeans from Guess. They are slightly high-waisted and straight-legged, which, in my opinion, is one of the most comfortable jean styles available. As I mentioned before, the denim is really soft and they are in great condition. I can’t wait to wear these with an oversized neutral-toned sweater and my black Doc Martens boots!

fall outfit and black over-the-shoulder bag modeled by me
Original photo by Ellie Kinney

4. Over-the-Shoulder Black Handbag

Mini shoulder purses are all the rage this season. If you didn’t catch Kayla’s article from August about her fashion favorites, she highlights the functionality and versatility of this kind of hand bag. I totally agree with her that not only is this bag super cute, but it fits everything I need when going out. This one happens to be from the brand Fossil, so I know that the material is high quality, and the black color will definitely match most of my outfits year round. 


sporting an adidas hat and sweatshirt with white background
Original photo by Ellie Kinney

5. Adidas Visor

This purchase was kind of random, but definitely brought me joy. I have been a huge fan of Adidas for years now, so I love finding vintage-feeling pieces from them when I thrift. This visor is perfect for a sporty or preppy look on a warm fall day. Although I don’t think I’ll be playing a lot of tennis this season, I think that this piece is perfect to accessorize with, especially when I’m going out and haven’t washed my hair in a few days! Taking classes online has also given me a newfound appreciation and interest in athleisure, and I definitely think that this visor can be paired with all of my cute joggers and crop-top combos for when I’m doing my classes indoors. 


If you liked any of the pieces I featured in this article and are looking for some thrifted finds of your own, I highly recommend checking out the Village Discount thrift store off of the Argyle Red Line stop! There are most likely tons of thrift stores to check out in your area, so don’t be afraid to give a quick Google search and discover what’s nearest to you. Happy fall and happy thrifting!

Ellie is an Assistant Social Media Editor for Her Campus, College Fashionista and Spoon University. An avid coffee drinker and TikTok enthusiast, she is passionate about all things social justice and exploring the city of Chicago.
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