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Decorating an Apartment on an Empty Wallet

Moving into my first apartment was one of the coolest experiences of my life. This huge, empty space that needed furniture, decorations, appliances and a splash of color, was mine to do whatever I wanted with! My wallet started to feel significantly lighter as this realization dawned on me. I was determined to make this space a home for my roommates and myself, so I started brainstorming on  ways to achieve my goals without having to pick up two more jobs.


1. Grab your roomies and split the cost

This is the easiest way to save some cash. Even if it’s just you and one other person, splitting the cost is a life saver. My roommates and I bought the perfect tapestry to hang up behind our couch. At the end of the year, you can all sit down and decide who wants to keep what. Until then, you can cross that bridge when you get there.

2. Checkout Redbubble.com and society6.com

Be honest. The first decoration a college girl gets is a huge tapestry to be clumsily hung up in her living room or behind her bed. Who knew tapestries were so expensive? Thankfully, websites like Redbubble and Society6 always have coupons online or promotions. The artists behind the work get some of the revenue, so support independent artists by getting yourself that mandala tapestry.


3. Don’t underestimate the power of print photos and string

Get your inner DIY ready (this one takes a little crafting). Stop by the drugstore and pick up a disposable camera for 8 bucks, or simply download the Walgreens app on your phone and select what pictures you want to get developed. Using clothing pins, string up pictures of you and your friends in any arrangement you like. Not only is this an inexpensive decoration, it’s a great way to preserve memories with physical photos instead of keeping them in the cloud.


4. Bottles aren’t decorations, until they are.

Recycling is important right? What better way to recycle that green glass bottle than to throw some short-stemmed sunflowers in it and call it a vase. The key is not to overdo it, but four differently sized bottles containing various flowers is a simple and cute addition to any windowsill.  


5. Save Everything

Whether it’s tickets to a concert, wristbands, or a piece of confetti from a parade, save anything that has a memory attached to it. Put them in a box somewhere until you deem them ready. Pick up a cork-board from Michael’s or any craft store and pin up your memories however you like. The memory board is my favorite low cost craft and it is best done with friends. Remembering the story behind the objects as you pull them from the box is a great bonding experience. If you want to get a bit sentimental, start this project at the beginning of a school year and make a box for each year you’re at school.


Turning your living space into a home should be fun, creative, and low stress. Hopefully these five easy ideas can transform your temporary home into a space you’ll cherish.






Her Campus LUC CC Diana is a senior at Loyola University Chicago pursuing a bachelors degree in Creative Advertising, with a minor in Visual Communication. As a self-proclaimed horror novel enthusiast, avid drinker of intricate coffees, and pseudo art aficionado, Diana hopes to share her wide array of passions with the HERCampus readers.
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