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Crème de la crème

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at LUC chapter.

Name: Christina Dador

Year: Junior

Major: Advertising and Public Relations

Minor: Visual Communications and Graphic Design

Hometown: Carol Stream (West suburb of Chicago)

As a passionate and driven woman, Christina Dador finds inspiration in all sorts of places. From her love of sports, to the latest fashion trends and commitment to starting her professional career, Christina can be found rocking a variety of outfits. She describes her style as eclectic because of the variation of outfits she wears day-to-day. From business casual to pushing boundaries by wearing leather pants and a fur vest or Nikes and a snapback, her outfits are a reflection of her personality and the activities she’s involved in.

One of her favorite trends right now is leather detailing on clothing or even a basic pair of leather pants, because they can be worn so many ways creating a dressy or casual look. This winter you will find her wearing fur or faux fur, as it adds an extra boost to any outfit.

What she’s wearing:

Jacket: ASOS

Top: Body Suit from AKIRA

Cardigan: ZARA

Bottoms: Cold Gear Tights from Under Armor

Bag: Multifunction Tote from Micael Kors

Watch: Runway Watch from Michael Kors

Boots: Bromley Flat Boot From Michael Kors

Kate is a small town lady with big city dreams. She is currently studying Advertising and Public Relations at Loyola University with a minor in Marketing. Moving to Chicago has been such an exciting experience for her. She enjoys traveling, attending social events, creating, shopping, keeping up with the latest music and fashion trends and so much more. She's so excited to be a part of the founding contributors of Her Campus LUC!