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2020 Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall has finally arrived — now's the time to indulge in those pumpkin spice lattes and burn your favorite autumn scented candles! But what’s fall without the fashion? It’s time to swap out your sundresses and statement sunglasses for cardigans and coats! Here are five fall fashion essentials to make sure you grab on your next shopping trip.

A  go-to chunky sweater

What’s fall without your favorite sweater? I recommend stocking up on a few basic colors; tan, grey black, and white to start. As your collection grows, invest in cranberry reds and autumn leaf yellows to spice up your looks! Where do you find such sweaters? There are so many great places out there, but personally recommend Nordstrom. They have such high quality fabrics, even in the sale section!

A statement bottom

Now, I know bold prints are not everyone's cup of tea, but when the weather gets chilly, it doesn't hurt to look stylish while keeping warm! I recommend getting a statement pant that contrasts your neutral top. I would also suggest something that you can incorporate into various different looks and that has a lot of versatility. 

The classic fall boot

Ah, the classic fall boot. For a number of years my go-to fall shoe was a combat boot, but I’ve recently switched to a heeled lace up bootie, and I’m obsessed! Apart from these two options, you can also go for a sleek black boot like a Doc Marten, or even switch out the boot for a neutral sneaker. Whatever you choose, make sure it's a shoe that you can comfortably wear and rock in the meantime (in other words, keep the heel to a minimum if you're not comfortable in them)!

A sturdy jacket

Notice how I included the word sturdy. Flimsy, cheap, jackets just won't do! Invest in something stylish yet warm. However, good quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Try TJ Maxx or even the thrift store to score a deal on something functional and affordable.

The perfect mini skirt

And finally, a classic mini skirt. I recommend buying one in a classic fall color or print like plaid. They’re perfect to wear over some tights to spice up your outfit! I always say to never let colder weather stop you from dressing up and once you find that perfect skirt, the outfit possibilities are endless. 


I truly believe that fall is when fashion thrives. Colder weather means more layers and well more clothes! With fashion at its prime, why not dress to impress?  Hopefully this list inspired you to stock up on some of your fall favorites! Happy styling!

Kayla Kalu

Loyola '23

Kayla is a LUC sophomore studying marketing. She is a lover of yearly 2000's fashion, Christopher Nolan films, and Italian food.
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