Your Study Guide to Study!

Gathering up the will to study can be nearly be impossible in college. But in college, studying is much more important than in high school. So, having concrete study tactics is vital for a successful, productive study session. With finals coming up soon, be sure to use these study tips!

1. Get out of your room

You may be able to get some studying done in your room, and that’s ok! But the urge to jump in bed and take a nap is always there. Try to get out of your room and go to the library or another study space around campus.

2. Turn off your phone

This one seems obvious, but it can be hard to just put that phone away. When you’re studying for an upcoming test, it’s really important not to let your phone distract you.

3. Make study guides

Don’t just read over your notes. If you can go through your notes and compile them, it is much easier to study from them.

4. Get a planner

Write all the due dates for assignments and papers, dates of quizzes and exams, and any other dates on your syllabi. The sooner you know when things are due, the sooner you can start studying.

5. SLEEP!!!

Even if you feel like you need to pull that all-nighter studying for your exams, sleep is better. Most of the information you study at night is harder to remember. It’s much easier to recall information if you’re well rested.

6. Take Breaks 

Especially during finals season, it can be easy to spend hours upon hours in the library without taking breaks. But it is really beneficial to give your brain a break every hour or so. Just remember to not let that break run too long!

7. Talk to Other Students in Your Class and Study with Them

This can be nerve-racking, especially if you don’t know anyone else in your class. But it can be so helpful, especially if you miss a lecture or want more resources for the aforementioned study guide that you should be making.

8. Go to Office Hours

Your professors give you times that you can meet with them for a reason! If you’restruggling with a concept, talk to your professor! They will appreciate that you took the time to try to understand the material.

Happy studying!