Why You Should Journal

Ever since I was younger, I like to try to write down a daily log of what I did everyday. This allowed me to see not only how my chicken scratch is now somewhat legible but to also see my writing skills develop, my life changes, how I felt about a particular boy at the age of eight, and to see my grow as person in general. But these are just a few of the many benefits that the exercise of journaling offers!

  1. If you are nervous, scared, or happy about anything, and you feel like you have 100 tabs open in your brain, writing this down in a journal allows you to literally clear your head space and give your mind a rest.
    1. This can reduce stress and anxiety.
    2. This can also help you manage your emotions.
  2. As I mentioned before, by journaling, I have been able to see my writing skills improve. Journaling, at least a few times a week, allows and "forces" you to really dig deep into the your inner Hemingway in order to get what you think out on the paper. 
  3. Along with writing skills improving, journaling can trigger your creative side. With journaling, the choice is yours! You can talk about your day, a dream you had, your future wedding, and a lot more. The choices are endless!
  4. If you struggle with creating a structure or routine for your day and would like to have one, journaling can also help with that! When you set aside a specific time and day to journal, you get into the habit of doing it. Add that to your other commitments and priorities and BOOM! You got the whole day planned. It's small, but it's a start.
  5. Last, but not least, journaling can help with goal planning and achieving. It might just be me, but when I write something down on paper, I am more likely to stick with whatever I wrote down rather than it be just floating around in my head.

Overall, journaling is a great outlet for a numerous amount of things. As you can see, it has amazing benefits. But unfortunately, exceed the space I have to write this article.