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Watching The Bachelor So You Don’t Have To: Fantasy Suite Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

The season is both winding down and heating up, and that’s because it’s fantasy suite week. Each of the three remaining women is going to get the chance to spend an entire night with Matt James. The episode starts off in the living room with Michelle and Bri talking about their excitement for the week while Rachael seems slightly less than excited to see the other two women take part in their dates. She is not okay with seeing her possible future husband stay the night with other women. I mean I wouldn’t be either, but does she remember what show she signed up for? Much to her dismay, Michelle is up first for the week. 

Before we get to see her day though, Matt has his one on one meeting with his father. They have a long conversation where Matt holds his dad accountable for not being present during his childhood. He gets very emotional as he pleads with his father to be more present. Thankfully, the conversation ends well when his father agrees to do better and be more present in Matt’s life. Good for Matt and his dad, hopefully they can continue growing their relationship off the screen, but let’s get back to the relationships that we really tuned in for. 

Matt takes Michelle to a room where they get to have their own private spa experience. By private, I mean that they are the ones who get to massage each other. In all honesty, I felt pretty uncomfortable the entire time. Especially considering that they began rubbing butter all over each other’s bodies, taking oatmeal foot baths, and sitting in a milk bath together. At dinner, Matt opens up to her about his home life and that he wants to be the man that his father was not for him. To be honest, Michelle and Matt should definitely be together at the end of this, but we will see if that ends up being the case. Matt, of course, offers Michelle the fantasy suite card and before the cameras give them some privacy we hear Michelle drop the L bomb. Looks like a successful first fantasy suite date. 

Next up, Bri gets her chance to go out with the bachelor, and unfortunately for her, it looks like she is getting an Ivan date (all of you who tuned in for Tayshia’s season know what I’m talking about). Matt takes the poor girl out to the woods to pitch a tent and sit by a fire in the cold. Matt clearly does not feel as strongly about her as she does about him, but that does not stop him from giving her the fantasy suite card. At least she doesn’t have to experience her entire night in the tent and they give them an actual room to spend the night in. She also drops the L-word on Matt and he again does not respond to her declaration of love. 

Rachael has been sulking all week about the other girls having their fantasies suites. On her date, she looks thoroughly unamused when she walks up to Matt. She and Matt set out to experience a pottery class, where Rachael looked frustrated the entire time. She doesn’t even seem to attempt to follow the instructions and ultimately gives up and tells Matt that they need to talk. She tells him how much it bothered her to see Matt share intimate moments with other women. He of course assures her that she has nothing to worry about and that he is falling for her. It almost seems like this happens almost every season because who on earth is okay with their almost-husband sleeping with other women? The date gets back on track and they of course spend the night together. They even get to end the night with fireworks. 

The next day is the rose ceremony. All of the women look stunning as they enter the ceremony room to wait for Matt. It honestly is pretty clear who is going home. Matt gives out his two roses to Michelle and Rachael and sends poor Bri home. She holds her head high as she leaves the mansion, and suddenly, we are left with two. Only one episode left, to see who is going to win the heart of Matt James. Make sure to come on back next week in order to see who ends up with their very own Neil Lane ring and who goes home empty-handed and heartbroken.


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