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Watching the Bachelor So You Don’t Have To: Week Three

Week three of the Matt James bachelor (should I be saying Mattchelor) is back, and this is the most drama-filled week yet. Last week, we ended with the rose ceremony being interrupted by Sarah who had stepped off of the risers looking like she was about to pass out. While this was definitely unfortunate, she did get some alone time with Matt there to comfort her. Once she was finally able to get some fresh air, she took her place and the ceremony was able to resume. Five of the girls went home, the most prominent being Marylynn. Previously, the season’s number one villain, Victoria, claimed that Marylynn was bullying her and made a promise to get her kicked off the show. Much to everyone’s dismay, she made it happen. One of Victoria’s confessionals made it clear that Sarah would be her next victim. 

The next day Chris Harrison dropped off a group date card, and these ladies were in for a very unique date. They walked into a room where Bachelor alum, Ashley I., was reading from an erotic novel written by none other than Chris Harrison himself. She then tasked the women with writing their own erotica starring themselves and Matt. Even better, the women that didn’t get picked for the date showed up to watch all of the performances. All of the women completed their performances with Victoria’s story getting very steamy. After they all told their hot and heavy romances, the women chosen for the date got to head back for an afterparty, and that is where the drama really heats up. 

The after-party starts out like any other, the girls all taking turns talking to Matt and getting to know him on an individual level. Suddenly, Sarah, who is not on this date, starts talking to the crew about how she is uncomfortable with Matt having other relationships. She takes it upon herself to crash the afterparty and interrupt Katie’s time with Matt. She takes over to tell Matt that she feels insecure, and of course, he takes the bait and comforts her. She is taking so long, however, that Katie literally comes and sits on the couch next to them until Sarah finally leaves (I kind of love the pettiness here). The night ends with some of the women getting no time at all with Matt. After the date ends, all of the girls turn on Sarah for what she did. They refuse to talk to her and she is never seen with the rest of the girls unless it is for a date card or a group event.

The next day, there is a 1-on-1 date for Serena P. But before she gets to leave, Sarah has to have another talk with Matt about her feelings. This leads to even more bad blood between Sarah and the rest of the women. Serena P. finally gets to go on her adventure with Matt. The two go horseback riding and eventually end up on a hill for a picnic. Well… sort of. We all know they don’t actually eat on camera on this show. They share a sweet moment that is somehow made even sweeter when a group of donkeys comes to interrupt them. That’s the kind of interruption that I like to see. They had the customary end of date dinner, and Matt gifted Serena P. with a rose at the end of the date. Back at the mansion, the girls are busy berating Sarah for taking up other people’s time with Matt on numerous occasions. She attempts to explain herself, but none of the girls are having it (tbh I wasn’t really having it either). 

The next day, Katie goes to talk with Sarah and learns that Sarah cant’ take it anymore and wants to leave. Katie, like the queen she is, doesn’t want Sarah to be bullied off of the show and wants her to stay. They have a heart to heart about their family and about their fathers. Sarah decides to continue with her decision to leave the show despite Katie asking her to stay. Sarah packs her bag and goes to see Matt one last time. Sarah does throw the rest of the girls under the bus before she goes, and Matt says that he will miss her. Hopefully, this is not a clue for a future return of Sarah because I think this episode was really all I could take. The episode ends with her being driven away. Looks like queen Victoria has claimed yet another victim. Who’s next? Hopefully, we find out next week on another exciting recap of the Bachelor.


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