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Watching the Bachelor So You Don’t Have To: Week 4

Last week’s episode ended with Sarah leaving the house and Matt was pretty broken up about it. The women started out by discussing her departure with Victoria saying that “the trash took itself out.” Obviously, that was not cool, and Katie made sure that she knew that. There was then a very abrupt cut to another scene at the after-party of a group date. Many of the girls stated how they were surprised that the date even took place after the way that Sarah left. They all showed their support for him, kind of funny considering how they all treated her in the last episode, but that’s none of my business. Chelsea really impressed Matt by opening up about her journey with her hair and what brought her to cut it all off. This story gets her the group date rose, and the chance to find love with Matt for another week. 

Back in the mansion, drama ensued between Katie and Victoria when Victoria demands an apology for the way Katie spoke to her in front of the other women that morning. Katie, who is quickly becoming my favorite, of course, refused to apologize for standing up for Sarah and tried to get Victoria to stop speaking so negatively of everyone. After this, it seems that Victoria has found a new enemy and possibly her next victim. 

The rose ceremony is almost here, with all of the women vying for Matt’s attention at the cocktail party. Once Victoria gets her turn to share her feelings with Matt, a very serious Chris Harrison shows up to whisk Matt away. Victoria was obviously upset and went inside to tell the other women about what was going on. They are all trying to get a look out the window when the scene cut to Chris Harrison explaining to Matt that five other women were about to be added to his pool of women. 

Suddenly, the token black car pulls up and out steps Brittany, who proceeds to make out with Matt while all the other women watch from the window (weird, I know). They also introduce Michelle, Catalina, Kim, and Ryan. The OG group of women are not happy to see them walk into the house. Catalina, especially, is not given a very warm welcome because she showed up in a crown, and of course that is Victoria’s thing. Victoria even takes the liberty to snatch the crown right off of her head and place on her own. They take a little more time to talk to Matt before the rose ceremony and then it’s time to see who is going home. Matt goes through the ceremony and decides to keep four out of five of the new women—thus sending Khaylah, Kaili, and Kim packing. Looks like it will be an extremely tense week in the mansion with the new girls staking their own claim for Matt’s heart. 

The first group date with the new women is an obstacle course, set up by none other than Ben Higgins (I know, I was hoping for Tyler C. too). The girls had to adorn themselves in a squirrel costume, ride in a pumpkin boat across a small lake, find an acorn with their name on it, and sprint to the finish line. The winner was promised a grand prize at the end and everyone was expecting some extra time with Matt, yet when Mauri finished the race in first place, all she got was a pair of golden nuts as a trophy. At the party, Bri got the group date rose, much to Anna’s chagrin (New villain alert!!). Back at the mansion she copes with her anger by spreading rumors with Victoria about Brittany being an escort, which is kind of an extreme rumor to spread. They of course decide to confront Brittany in front of everyone at the mansion, where she should not have to, but does, say that she has never been an escort for anyone. 

With that taken care of, it was time for Michelle to get a one-on-one date with Matt. They went zip-lining, then got a group of questions to answer about themselves, which led them to an adorable hot air balloon adventure. In all honestly though, the best part was watching the hot air balloon conductor duck down to get out of the shot. She ended the night getting her first date rose.

The next group date was a little more intense than the squirrel obstacle course, and the girls were expected to box one another. Katie, Pieper, Serena P., Rachael, Kit, Chelsea, Jessenia, Lauren, Serena C., and MJ were all expected to get into the octagon and fight for Matt’s heart. Katie went pretty hard during her fight and absolutely crushed Jessinia, and we watched Serena all but get whiplash. Overall, no one got seriously injured so let’s call that a win. Afterwards at the after-party, the drama heats up again when all of the women start talking negatively about the new group, and Katie has had enough. She goes to talk to Matt about the horrible rumors in the house and how they are all treating the new women. Of course, with this being the Bachelor, we will have to find out next week how Matt will decide to deal with this new information. I will keep you updated with another recap of possibly the most catty season of the Bachelor yet. 

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