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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Louisville chapter.

As a college freshman, I understand how difficult it is to have so many new experiences at once. You’re in a new place, with new people, with so many new things to see and do. The road to college is a tough one, but once you’re here you’ll learn that there are some things that you weren’t prepared for. Many students struggle financially upon getting to college because as everyone knows, college is expensive. You may have been taught some important information about financial literacy in high school, but now you have to apply it to reality. Don’t worry though, here are the three easiest ways to save money as a student. And even if you aren’t covering the bill for your education, these money saving tips are just as helpful.

1. This first tip is an obvious one, and something you probably hear about a lot. I cannot recommend any money saving tip more to students than budgeting. Budgeting isn’t as mathematical as it seems, and only really utilizes basic addition and subtraction. Budgeting helps cut out unnecessary costs like those five dollar coffees and late night online shopping. Knowing where every dollar is going gives you peace of mind, while also helps you figure out your own spending habits. You can budget weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, whatever is easiest based on your income. Make sure to put some money back for savings if you can, not every dollar has to go toward something for right now! Also, don’t forget to cut yourself some slack, ease into strict budgeting a little at a time to make sure you’re budgeting effectively. Here is a resource to get you started: https://www.everydollar.com

2. Another great way to save money as a student is to never pay full price for anything. A lot of businesses in the retail industry understand how college students struggle financially, and want to help. Many places offer student discounts, even if they don’t display it openly. Some well known businesses that give student discounts are Apple, Amazon, Kroger, Kate Spade and more. Students can also usually get a percentage off of their insurance if they present their ID and if you have a certain GPA. There are many resources to help students out financially, some are studentrates.com, myunidays.com, and studentbeans.com.

3.  There are many ways to save money as a student, but the last one I’m going to cover is sharing costs. Since many students have to buy items for their dorm rooms, get in contact with your roommate or roommates and see if you can share costs on more expensive items and groceries. You can save even more money by buying things for your dorm secondhand, or by using things you or your roommates already own. Another way to share costs is by sharing meals with friends when going out to eat, or sharing the cost of a ride-sharing service when going out. You can still have fun when trying to save money, if you know where and when to share costs.

These tips are sure to save you money in college—just remember to save and spend wisely!

Abigail Exley

Louisville '23

Abigail Exley is from Louisville, Kentucky and she is currently studying sustainability and psychology at the University of Louisville with hopes of having a career in disaster relief and urban planning. Some of her extracurricular activities include being a member of the Beta Gamma chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity, being a mentor for She Became, and being on the Green Initiatives Committee at the University of Louisville. She enjoys cooking, getting involved with community service, and hanging out with her friends and family.
Campus Correspondent at the University of Louisville I am an International Affairs and Communication major and minoring in French and marketing at the University of Louisville. If I am not studying, I am at the UofL Student Rec Center where I teach cycling/spin classes!