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Ten Ideas for a Louisville Staycation

With spring break coming up in less than a month, it’s time to start planning! If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s better to stay home than to set out hundreds of dollars on a trip that may only last a few days. So, what are you supposed to do? I have 10 ideas that will make it your perfect Staycation! 

1. Movie marathon

Take a day to sort out some of your favorite movies or maybe even movies you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t had the chance. Grab a bowl of popcorn, your favorite sweet and salty snacks, a drink, and your coziest blanket and set up for a day of multiple adventures in your own personal space. 

2. Act like a tourist

Living in Louisville, there are multiple sights to see and different shops to go and roam around in that you might not have seen before. Take a day to go to some museums, hang out at the waterfront, shop in cool stores on Bardstown Road, or just walk around until you find the perfect café!

3. Spring cleaning

With a week of nothing to worry about, letting you de-stress for a few days, take this time to really go through your space and CLEAN! Set aside some old clothes and save them to donate at future drives, clean the mirror you probably haven’t touched in a few months, empty out the expired food in your pantry and fridge, and vacuum until it’s a brand-new floor! The satisfaction after a day of cleaning and being able to sit down and soak in this new cleanliness is unmatched. 

4. Take a day trip to Bernheim Forest

Just 30 minutes south of campus is one of my personal favorite spots to spend my time. Bernheim is the perfect place to picnic, hike multiple trails, learn about the environment, and see a multitude of beautiful plants. On the weekdays, it’s a $10/car entrance fee that gets you a whole day to soak in nature and relax. 

5. A might of live music

Louisville is such a popular area for music, there is usually some sort of show going on. Find a night to spend with some friends supporting your local artists or go see big named artists at the popular venues around town.

6. Get crafty

Something I’ve always been bad at but love to do is dive into the world of arts and crafts. You can spend time painting, making slime, crafting jewelry, maybe even make some friendship bracelets. You can find the majority of the things you need at Walmart or you can go to an Arts and Crafts store to get more professional materials.

7. Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer

I can’t stress enough the personal satisfaction you get out of spending a day helping others. It is something to put on a resume, but it is also something you can feel so good about! While Louisville is a blossoming city with multiple opportunities to live a full life, there are those who don’t get those same opportunities. Search around your community and look for somewhere to dedicate your time for the day. 

8. Go to the zoo

One of my favorite ways to spend the day is by taking a trip to the Louisville Zoo. Through the month of March, they will be hosting the Wild Lights Asian Lantern Festival which is such a beautiful way to spend an evening. They also have some new animals that would love a warm welcome from its community: Fitz the elephant, Sebastian and Sunni the two-toed sloths, new red-tailed monkeys, some colobus monkeys, and Meru, the snow leopard. 

9. Day for antiques

You don’t necessarily have to buy anything, but it’s always a really nice and relaxing time going to some of the antique stores in Louisville and seeing some of the priceless items people have acquired throughout their life. Jewelry, lamps, stained glass… there are so many things to be seen. And if you love a piece, why not buy it!

10. Fairs and festivals 

No matter where you are in Louisville, there is always an area of our community holding some sort of festival. Take some time and search out fairs or festivals that look fun to you and spend that day soaking in this new environment and maybe meet some people that share the same interests as you! 

Now that you have some tips for making your staycation as fun and beneficial as possible, start planning and have a wonderful Louisville spring break!  

Chloe Sharpe

Louisville '21

I’m a Senior Psychology Major at UofL with the goal of going to grad school for Industrial/Organizational Psych! I’m usually stuck in the library but if I’m not there you could probably find me at Twisted Taco on campus.