Tailgate Outfits for Fall

Transitioning from summer outfits and fall outfits for tailgate can leave some of us struggling to figure out cute outfit ideas especially when we go out and shop for fall clothes. It can be really overwhelming. This article should help take away any of that frustration!

1. Sweater Dresses and Thigh High Boots

This is the best way to be warm and still feel cute. Black thigh high boots can dress up any look and if you feel like dressing it up even more, add some loose curls and a face sticker to help support your favorite team!

2. Flared Statement Pants

If its too chilly out and you’re looking to go outside of your comfort zone or spice up a sweater, flared statement pants are the way to go. You can even add a cute belt if they have a belt loop.

3. Denim Jackets that Rep your University

Denim jackets are cute and help bring together any look, but decorate it with your university name and it will be all the cuter. Denim jackets that rep your university are fun because you can DIY.

4. Skirts and Sweaters

Thigh high boots, sweaters, and skirts are the perfect combo for the fall! They’re cute, but you won’t feel like you’re suffering from the cold weather.