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Sustainable Fashion Brands to Replace Fast Fashion

It can seem difficult these days to find clothing companies that are actively trying their best to decrease their effect on the environment. While fast fashion focuses more on the end goal, which consists of consumers buying their products, ethical fashion considers the entire process and every little thing it could affect. There is no way for one single company to tackle every issue that comes along with the fashion industry, but as consumers we can do our best to research and support those who are striving to make a difference in this industry. I have compiled a list of the best websites to shop from for your next closet makeover!   

1. Alternative Apparel

For staple, basic closet pieces that use recycled materials and organic cotton, these clothes will never go out of style because they provide for the timeliest pieces for women, men, and children. Their promise: “We love our planet & we’re mindful of the impact we make on it & its people.” 


2. Pact

Fair Trade Certified and certified GOTS organic, shopping here is guilt free as they take into consideration the whole process that goes into manufacturing clothing. This company emphasizes the fact that buying organic does not stop at food or the price tag, it is an everyday thing that fashion is involved in. Their goal: “We are making a pact to do better. To be better. To inspire change.  


3. Miakoda

Ethically and sustainably made products made from eco-friendly plant-based materials made for every body size—it’s hard to pass up on this brand. All clothing items are made in ethical, local factories and use eco-friendly packaging. This brand was created for the issue that surrounds social sustainability. Their intention: “We came into existence in the hopes of reimagining fashion as compassionate, using practices and materials that respect the planet and all its inhabitants.” 


4. Conscious Step

Sustainability does not stop at just your shirts and pants! This brand sells organic, vegan, and premium fair trade socks. Every purchase made goes to a great charity. Their way: “To take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it. We’re always working to ensure that the purchase of our products supports emerging markets, guarantees a fair wage and promotes environmental sustainability.” 


5. Second-hand sites and vintage stores

While purchasing ethical and sustainable clothing can be very expensive, shopping second hand is not only very sustainable, but affordable as well. Some second-hand sites include: ThredUp, Depop, Poshmark.  

6. Good On You

A helpful tool when you need to fill your need to shop, is the website good on you. This website/app gives you the opportunity to research the sustainability and environmental ethics of over 400 websites. Remember, the most sustainable thing you can do is to not consume, so consider upcycling clothes you already own! While I love shopping just as much as the next person, sometimes making a fun upcycling night with your friends could make for a fun, yet sustainable night! 


Happy sustainable shopping!

Fallon McAllister

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I am currently majoring in Marketing and Management at the University of Louisville where I am a member of the 2019 pledge class for Chi Omega! My hobbies include playing soccer, making earrings, and drinking coffee!
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