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A lot of us are heading back to school during a pandemic which means we have had to adopt a new normal. These are a few simple steps that we can take to curb the spread and keep ourselves safe.

Wearing a Mask

The number one recommended way to stop the spread of COVID is to wear a mask. However, wearing a mask can be a little boring, so making it a fashion statement might make it a little more fun. A mask can represent a person’s unique sense of style and personality by choosing fun colors and patterns. If you have to wear it, make it enjoyable. But to be safe, a mask should pass the flame test. The flame test is when you blow through your mask to see if a flame will flicker or go out. If it flickers, the mask is probably too thin and you should look for a thicker, safer mask. Please be careful around an open flame!

Keeping Clean

Being clean is another way to prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial sprays and wipes are a great way to clean off frequently used surfaces like counters and doorknobs. These surfaces should ideally be wiped every few hours, but wiping surfaces down daily is a good start. For places like kitchen counters, it would be a good idea to wipe them down before and after using them. If you’re in a class that provides disinfectant spray, wiping the desk down before and after class is a great way to keep things clean for yourself and others.

Staying Home

The best way to stop the spread of the virus and keep yourself safe is to stay home. Staying at home can be a little boring sometimes, but there are a lot of things that you can do with roommates or by yourself: taking a self care day, getting ahead on homework, or starting a new creative hobby. Keeping yourself healthy is a good way to keep others healthy as well. This time period is great for self discovery, growth, and just taking it easy.

Jennifer is a Junior Communication major at the University of Louisville
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