How to Start Your Bullet Journal

Some students may be apprehensive about starting a bullet journal (also known as a bujo) because they are not “artistic enough” or they “don’t have the time.” But I am here to tell you that every student can have a bullet journal—and should. So, what is a bullet journal? It is a way to organize your time, write about your day, track your habits, and much more. You can write calendars, assignments, or diary-style entries. Whatever you want! That is the best thing about keeping a bullet journal;  it’s about doing whatever is most productive and efficient for you. There are endless ways to customize your bullet journal. As a student, I mostly use weekly “spreads” (a page in the journal) to keep track of my assignments. I also keep mine as simple as possible, just writing the month and days of the week. It’s hard being a busy college student, and it’s okay not to have time to make it “perfect.” 

What you need: 

· A journal (I recommend a dotted Leuchtturm1917, but any notebook will do!) 

· Pens/pencils/highlighters 

And that’s it! You can get more supplies like washi tape or fancy markers, but all you really need is the journal itself and tools to write with. 

Where to start: 

Starting a bullet journal can be intimidating. It seems like every page needs to be perfect—but that couldn’t be more wrong! Starting is as easy as putting pen to paper. It’s best to put your name and phone number in the front if you ever misplace it. Then, the customization can start! Here are some spread ideas that are super useful for college students: 

· Weekly spread (assignment tracker/weekly schedule) 

· Semester overview (important dates/test dates) 

· Semester class schedule 

· Budget tracker 

· Summer/winter break to-do list 

· Yearly/semester goals 

· Exercise log 

· Books to read/movies to watch 

· Grade tracker 

· Password page 

Instagram is also a great place to find endless inspiration for bujo setups.

Now that you have some ideas, go and start your bullet journal! It has changed the way I organize my time—I am more efficient and procrastinate less. Good luck and go bujo!