How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship in College

College is hard. Keeping a healthy balance between school, work, extracurriculars, sleep and a relationship is nearly impossible. I’m not exactly an expert, but I have been doing my best for almost two years. Through the ups and downs I have learned many things. Here are some of my tips on maintaining a healthy relationship in college:

1. Make Time to Spend Together I know it’s hard to find time in your day to see your significant other, but making time for them is extremely important. Even when it is hard, you can find time by having your boyfriend or girlfriend do whatever you were already going to do. Invite them to workout with you, or eat lunch or dinner together. This way you are able to spend time together without having to alter your schedule too much. Even if all you have is a few minutes, spend them together, it is very important.

2. Be Patient When you can’t find time to spend together, it is important to be patient with your significant other. If he/she is busy, do not get too frustrated. Sometimes super busy weeks happen, and it is important to support them during these times, as school is important and should be prioritized. Also, be patient when they are having a hard time. Even if you may be busy, be open-minded and listen to what is going on with them. Do not blow them off because you feel too busy when they are emotionally struggling. Mental health is important, so listen when needed and check up on them from time to time.

3. Trust, Trust, Trust! Trust is so important in college, as you will be meeting many new people and going on many new adventures with or without your significant other. You both need to be able to do your own thing without jealousy or mistrust getting in the way. You or they should be able to go out every once in awhile without the other and not have to worry about anything happening. The best way to keep jealousy or mistrust from occurring is by communication. Which brings me to my next point:

4. Communicate! Communicating about everything from your schedule to your feelings is important. Do not let more than a day go by without talking to your significant other, especially if you are angry. It is really important to resolve issues quickly because stress is already high in college, don’t add to it by being upset. The easiest way to resolve issues is to just have a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. A happy relationship will help to keep your stress levels lower.

5. Don’t Sweat the Little Things Little things are bound to happen that you can stress about or let go. When something little happens, it’s ok. Move on from the little things and enjoy the time you spend together.

College is stressful, but it is also fun. It’s more fun when you have someone beside you to love you and support you along the way. So don’t worry about the little things, let them go and just enjoy life!