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“Focus on your goals sweetheart, these men only want to waste your damn time.” ~R. H. Sin.  

College is a time for building yourself, developing your character, and becoming someone you are proud of. Spending all your time searching for a boyfriend, takes time away from searching for YOU. It is so important to remember that doing what is best for you, is NOT being selfish; It is being strong and dedicated to your growth.  

College is a time to find yourself, not your Prince Charming.

Now is the time to get out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Make new friends, go more places, find new passions, and be yourself. Here are some tips for making the most out of college without wasting your time on boys.  

Get Involved 

Join clubs, rush a sorority, run for office in your student government associated, etc., college is all about networking, so put yourself out there! 

Have fun! 

Girl, don’t ever let your man tell you that you aren’t “allowed” to go out with your girls. If he does this, he is not your man, he is your little insecure boy. If this is the case, drop him, sis.  

Study, Study, Study! 

College is first and foremost about getting your education. I’m not saying that you can never take a night to put homework on the back-burner while you enjoy a night out, but it is not something to continue to put off to be with your clingy boyfriend who can’t spend time away from you.  

Get off your phone! 

I am guilty of this one, but when you are hanging out or getting dinner with your friends, put your damn phone down and enjoy the moment.  

Study Abroad 

And lastly, if you want to study abroad, but you are afraid of leaving your man for that short amount of time, girl, take the trip! You only live once, so get out of your comfort zone and explore the world!


Miley Jacola

Louisville '23

I am currently double majoring in Public Health and Sustainability with specialization in Sustainable Urban Systems at the University of Louisville. I am a member of Chi Omega! I love to go hiking, camping, and kayaking! 
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