The Fashion Do’s and Don'ts of 2021

With each new year comes new fashion trends. A lot of new things are happening in 2021, as we are starting the new year with new leaders in office, vaccines rolling out, and even new seasons of your favorite Netflix show. Read this list for my new years’ fashion Do’s and Don’ts!

DO: Accessories 

No, I’m not talking about your regular pair of earrings and one simple necklace. Get creative! Lace gloves, berets, even a uniquely shaped bag. Even the tiniest detail can make the biggest difference in your outfit choice. 

Don’t: Turtlenecks 

Yes, it’s okay to wear turtlenecks with your fits. Just not for EVERY FIT. You can’t just throw a turtleneck over any T-shirt and call it an outfit. Now that everyone is doing it, it’s time to branch out. 

If you want to try something other than a t-shirt for your turtle necks, I suggest blazers, slip dresses (can be found in the pajama section of goodwill) and sweater vests! 


Remember those zip up jackets and hoodies we had when we were in elementary school, that a lot of us may have been made fun of for wearing? You know, the ones that had the word “GAP” written right across the front? Yes, go ahead and pull them out of your storage at your parents place next time you’re home, cause they’re coming back this year! 

Don’t: Animal print pants 

Printed patterns will be pretty popular this upcoming year, but think outside the box! Animal print has just been so used over the last 5 or so years. It’s just been seen before. On just about everyone. Try something more floral or plaid!

DO: Sage green and lilac 

Sage green was the most popular color of 2020. Pair it with the color brown, and you automatically look like you have your life put together. Sage green has been predicted by many as a 2021 color. And making an appearance this year is lilac! A very pretty color for late winter up throughout the summer. 

Don’t: Crocs 

Yes, crocs are comfortable. They’re good for lounging around the house, and they are good for the lake. But they’re not good for an evening out with the girls, nor are they good for brunch. Not every trend needs to come back, and that’s okay! Crocs were good for their time. But that time is not now. 


I don’t even need to explain this one. Masks are something that keep you and others safe. And you can get some pretty cute ones at Old Navy, as well as Etsy! 

All in all, when thinking about trendy styles this year, think very Hannah Montana and more classy looks. Although those are two very different ends of the fashion spectrum, they explain the many different styles coming in this year.